Train a lot more…


Yes Polar gods…

That is what my heart rate monitor told me to do this week.  Wow.  Where is the I was just on vacation setting?  or the give me a break button?  Tough love I suppose.  Really though if the thing would have logged my spin class we wouldn’t be having this issue in the first place lol.  Well actually no that is an excuse, when I got home from my trip I was tired and didn’t go to the gym for three days, so it was really my fault.

Today I am blogging instead of going to the gym.  Which I am sure my heart rate monitor is going to yell at me next monday for but I also think that listening to your body is important.  I trained really hard yesterday, and today after I got up to see Jake off to work, I sat in my bed and before I knew it I was knocked out asleep again, and didn’t wake up until almost 10.  Clearly I was exhausted.  Not only am I getting back into the swing of things from vacation but I am also heading into the super busy time at work so I need to adjust to that too.  My feet still hurt from yesterdays genius idea of wearing these amazing Irregular Choice boots.  Sure they look harmless but they are a wood platform and I stand on a cement floor all day, ouchhhh

oh how I love to suffer for shoes, I would say fashion… but really its just shoes.

Speaking of shoes I am just about to hit my 500 miles on my Brooks running shoes.  Those ugly things that I hate.  They look gross.  I haven’t decided if I am in love with them yet.  When I first got them there was “support” in the ball of my foot that hurt so bad to the point that I almost returned them.  I honestly haven’t gotten a shin splint or any foot/leg pains since I have gotten them, but the fact that I needed to almost break in that padding was really annoying.  I also feel like they have stretched out width wise quite a bit so when I do side lunges and stuff I tend to slide a bit in them to either side.    So I suppose I will go back to Jack Rabbit and do another running test, maybe try Mizunos again and see how those are for this time around.

This is an odd question but do any New Yorkers know of a store that does similar testing to Jack Rabbit.  While I love Jack Rabbit, they only have a few brands, and it seems like mostly what they have are Nike.  I refuse to wear Nike for many reasons so my choices there are quite slim, I’d like to see if there is another shoe store that sells some other options, maybe I could get something cuter?

On a side note, I have been re-living my goth girl youth lately and have been non-stop listening to my old favs, this one has been high on the list, And One- Deutschmachine



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4 responses to “Train a lot more…

  1. Lynn

    played your music….re-living your goth days 🙂

  2. Omg, I love those wedges. I have a thing for leopard print and shoes.

    I think listening to your body is so important. You don’t want to risk injuring yourself and then not being able to workout for a couple of weeks. You know what’s best for your body.

  3. thanks! if you like leopard print shoes keep an eye out for the brand irregular choice. It is my favorite shoe company but they always come out leopard stuff!

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