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Confessions of a Shoe Addict… take two

If you have been any where near a loyal reader of my blog you will know that I have a shoe problem.  I just love the damn things.  They pretty much always fit no matter what size you are, and even though the good ones are never comfortable I still wear them anyway.  They can make every plain black outfit I have not so plain black, and well they also look so good on my shelves in my room.  But I honestly have not bought new shoes since probably Christmas… Jeffrey Campbell and Irregular Choice, my go to brands have been underwhelming for me as of late, which I suppose is a good thing.  And I guess I just prefer big chunky boots, over little sandals so right now isn’t my shoe buying season.

I posted this kind of sad post last May about my shoe buying extravaganza.  While I haven’t been bummed about my gym schedule or lack of partying, in fact I have been enjoying it, I have been feeling some shoe buying withdraw.  So I figured I would get some new gym shoes.  I have been spending upwards of 13+ hours at the gym a week so I might as well.  Plus this way I can switch out my shoes more to get a rest and not wear out as fast.

The last time I went to Jack Rabbit they fitted me in the Saucony Powergrid Hurricane 14. They are super comfortable and I love them, they have a slightly lower heel to toe drop than a standard running shoe at 8mm.  This helped me run better and go from a heel runner to a mid-strike runner.


tried and true

Maybe I shouldn’t mess with a good thing, but I was interested in trying a few pairs with an even lower heel drop so I ordered a pair with a 4mm drop called the Saucony Kinvara 3which is considered more of a minimalist shoe.

31o8rUEDH6Land then an even lower 0mm heel drop called the Saucony Virratathat I am going to slowly transition to and see how I like it.


I may have also gotten a boys version because they were on super sale...

I may have also gotten a boys version because they were on super sale though they don’t seem to have the zero drop…

And yes I bought them all in those color ways.  Jake is going to think they are so ugly, I can’t wait to wear them during our workout dates hehe.

So you might be wondering why I am trying these different types of shoes, its because I am actually really enjoying running and I want to get better at it and see what shoe helps me.  I have improved so much from last year and I want to keep going.  I have short legs, so I have a shorter stride and I want to get faster and make my stride more efficient.  I can tell via my fitbit, that it takes me more steps to get somewhere than the average person (I blame that on all my super tight mermaid skirts that I wore during my uber goth stage like Morticia Addams)  so I figure I should try something that might encourage me to widen my stride and make it a little more comfortable.  Plus they are pretty in all their loud neon glory.  I am sticking with Saucony though, they are super comfortable and seem to fit my foot well, a lot of times I have issues with my heel sliding up and down and at least with the hurricanes I don’t.

Do any of you guys use minimalist shoes?  How do you feel about them?  I am kind of excited to try them out.


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Oh What A Difference a Year Makes

Well I did it, I pretty much completely changed my life in a year.  it’s funny (or not funny) but it literally took me until today to realize that while yes, I did say that one of the reasons that I didn’t start this sooner was because I wasn’t completely miserable with myself, but now I realize I secretly was.  Why do I say this now?  Because trying to find a full length photo to compare myself to was IMPOSSIBLE!  I have like none, I went through my entire computer, and my iPhone and only found a few.

Today was an awesome day, started out with the gym, then I headed over to Manhattan to do a screen test for a cool opportunity I got offered to try for, then I headed over to Soho to meet up with my good friend Bianca Alexis to shoot my 1 year of working out anniversary photos.  Bianca is a cool chick, we used to party together way back when and then got reconnected at a photo shoot a few years ago.  We really bonded over the past few years and she is another one of my cheerleaders as well as also a person that has been there.  She has even been working on her own blog talking about her weight loss journey so you should totally check it out! www.BiancaAlexis.com/blog

Well back to me!

It’s hard to say if I thought that a year ago I would be where I am now.  I made some tough choices to do all this, one being slowing down my hair career for it.  Do I regret it?, I thought I actually might have, but I don’t.  I mean lets face it, if I didn’t do something, sooner or later it would have actually slowed me down. So I just took the bull by the horns and did it now.  I feel like me taking this year off of working constantly was needed, I needed to help myself for a little bit, and concentrate on getting myself healthy and happy in my own skin.  As I have said a million times this year has not been easy at all.  I changed my entire sleep schedule, I stopped drinking, watched what I ate, and worked out 6 days a week an hour to 2 hours each workout!  I cried, I pleaded, I got discouraged, and then a switch went off and I actually loved it…. all in only one year.

photo copy

late 2011

I feel like this photo is the perfect example of who I was.  This was me getting ready to go clubbing.  When I was at this point of my life I was staying up until about 4 or 5 am and sleeping in until at least noon, I drank, I partied and I worked.  That was it.  That was my life in a nutshell.  When people would ask me to describe what I did I pretty much just said i worked and would go clubbing.  Now my list of things I do, or have done is so much bigger and well, a lot less destructive to myself.  I am not only a happier person in life, but I am a happier person all around.  And even more important, happier with myself.

Jan 29, 2013

Jan 29, 2013

In a year I have lost 43.6 pounds.  I tried so so hard to get up 45 but I am still satisfied with that number.  I worked my butt off to get to where I am now and I still am.  Am I done?  Not in the least but at least now its not work.  Now I want to do this everyday.  I want to lose another 40 pounds.  I would like to say that I can do that by next year but I am not going to be disappointed in myself if I don’t make that.  Every pound that I have lost in the past few months has been worked double as hard as the first 30 or so, and I can only imagine it is just going to get harder.  I have times where I don’t lose anything and then other weeks where I loose a couple pounds at once.  It sometimes gets discouraging, but then a photo from my past will pop up on facebook, or a client I haven’t seen in a while will come in and be amazed and it will remind me how far I have gotten and keeps me going.

Bianca told me to smile so I did my "Dimples" pose

Bianca told me to smile so I did my “Dimples” pose




realized i forgot to paint my nails… no close ups for me!

can't forget the shoes! Jeffrey Campbell Damsel Spikes in Pink

can’t forget the shoes! Jeffrey Campbell Damsel Spikes in Pink

I can honestly say that this year has been one of the best years of my life.  And this is a year where I didn’t do hair for a huge music video, or film a reality show, or anything huge like that.  It was a year where it was just me (and Jake hehe) working on ourselves and doing things we always wanted.  I got to go skydiving, I am about to go snowboarding for the first time, I did mud and obstacle races… I even got my family involved in some.  I’d say that even though I didn’t have a year where I did things in my career for my parents to brag about to everyone they know, I still had a ton of successes in other ways and they can still brag if they want… but it’s okay if they don’t because I will haha!

Well here is to the next year!


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Motivation : Take Two

One of the top things people always bring up to me is motivation.  I get comments all the time from people saying “I wish I had your motivation” or “where do you get your motivation?” etc.

I’ve done a post about it before (Let’s Get Motivated).  I talked about the importance of setting small goals, having a friend with you, and exchanging the word diet with life change.

Those are still all great ways to keep motivated.  When I first started this blog I mentioned that I didn’t start it until I lost 15 pounds because I am a quitter.  I read somewhere that one of the worst things to do when making a goal, or a resolution is to talk about it.  It said that when we talk about things we want to do with other people that often times the response we get when we talk about the idea is enough to satisfy us that we don’t end up following through with whatever goal we had.

I totally agree.

So what am I saying you should do?  Don’t talk to me about trying to find your motivation, stop telling other people that you are going to work out, the only person you should tell is yourself, and maybe a friend.  Don’t set yourself up with unattainable goals.  If you do and fail it will only make you less motivated.

When I started this whole life change, I originally told myself I would go to the gym 3 days a week.  Sundays, Mondays, and Tuesdays because those were my days off and I wouldn’t have to wake up early before work to do it.  That to me made this entire thing possible.  At the time I was sleeping till almost noon and going to work at 1.  I knew if I totally changed everything about my life right away I would grow to hate it and I would fail.  Once I realized that the three days a week was easy, and I didn’t hate it I added an extra day in there (before work! gasp!) Before I knew it I was waking up all by myself without an alarm clock around 8.30 am and going to the gym everyday before work.  Even stranger, enjoying it.  And you know what, I feel better than I ever did before.  Not only is it nice waking up on my own without the loud screeching alarm clock, but I also have less stress and less weight to lug around to boot.

I am also not above bribing, I bribe myself all the time.  Well, I mean reward.  yeah, reward thats it… What’s better than buying new clothes and shoes?  To me nothing…  Shopping fuels me.  The more weight I lose the more dresses I get to buy, and even better the more dresses I can fit in.  How is that for motivation.  I know a lot of people tell you not to shop for the size you want to be, but why not?  I don’t see myself quitting anytime soon so why not buy dresses that I like if I know I am going to fit in them later.  I am not saying go out and buy a size 0.  But a size or so smaller, I see no harm.  Plus I think one of the hardest things in the beginning was feeling frumpy in everything I wore.  In the beginning I didn’t want to buy new clothes until I changed sizes drastically, but it left me feeling gross and ugly.  I think by feeling good in your gym clothes, work clothes and any clothes for that matter also keeps you going.  Maybe you have a dress that looks good on with spanx right now, well keep working and eventually you won’t need the spanx, then later it might be in your sell pile.  I’m a visual person, seeing my sell pile grow is motivation, and seeing a dress i couldn’t zip all the way up zip up with no problem makes me ecstatic.


so much to sell, so little time

I guess the point of these posts are that there are plenty of things that can motivate you… the trick is YOU need to find what motivates YOU.  If you are ready to make the change you will, and it won’t be easy, but it won’t be impossible either.  If it were easy everyone would do it, and if it were impossible no one would have done it.  So lets go… find your motivation and start working towards what you always wanted, be it losing weight, getting fit, or even something totally unrelated and be one of the people that other people go to to find their motivation.


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My newest “Why I missed the gym this week” excuse

Meet Calamity….

Saturday night was an interesting night after work I walked over to the pet store next to my salon because they were having a kitten adoption and I wanted to look at them. Just look, I swear.  I found an adorable one named Duke but didn’t want to take in another kitty, so I headed home.  Who would have thought that when I got home a kitten would have found me.

I walked in my door and heard a kitten crying so loud it was breaking my heart.  I kept sticking my head out the window looking for it and I couldn’t see it but it was so close sounding, so I climbed out my window onto my fire escape (in my leopard print irregular choice platform wedge boots no less!) and started to look around.  Then I saw her climbing thru leaves and junk on the second floor roof of my neighbors building.  They were home and ignoring her, how could someone do that!!??  I couldn’t get to the roof because of the railing, but lucky enough these brownstones are close together and this kitten knew I was there to save her.  She walked to the end of the roof and I reached out grabbed her by her scruff and pulled her through my railing and brought her in.

when I brought her in

She was so teeny and I had nothing to feed a kitten, and on top of it I had a hissing growling 15 year old cat angry at me.  I shut us in the bathroom and called Jake, he was heading over and we were supposed to have a date night but needless to say that go canceled.  I messaged a friend who rescues cats and she sent me a link to an emergency kitten formula recipe.  Jake and I both had to go out and search for the ingredients and a way to even get her to eat it.  I ended up having to buy an infant’s advil just to get the syringe out of it.  We fed her for the first two days with the syringe and now she is eating her formula off a plate yay!

I don’t know if you know this or not but kittens this young, (she is probably just at  or a little under 4 weeks right now) you have to help them pee and poop! Jake watched a bunch of youtube videos of how to do it and there we were rubbing wet cotton balls on its butt.  What a fun weekend lol.

She now goes in the litter box which would be awesome but she still poops on herself every time so this kitten has gotten more baths than i have at this point lol.

I took her to the vet yesterday got her de-wormed, flea stuff, FIV testing, and anything else that was expensive lol.  She weighed exactly 1 pound yesterday and they said other than the common issues of outside kittens she was healthy but said she wouldn’t have made it if I didn’t save her.

Calamity’s first cab ride

The vet also told me that kittens this age need to be held pretty much all the time.  She cries if I put her down so I have now mastered the art of doing everything with one hand.  Luckily I had off from work until today so I was able to spend all that time with her, but now I am trying to figure out what to do with her since I have to work today.  I might have to end up taking her to work and leaving her in the big carrier that I have.

So the biggest question is…

Am I keeping her?

I don’t know, I’m attached, she is attached, Jake is attached, and Lydia is attached.  What makes me nervous is Angel, she’s the queen of the house and even the vet said it will be a really rough transition, but the vet told me to keep her lol.  As of right now I am keeping her because she needs so much work.  IF I can find her a home that is as good as mine or better I will adopt her out but I want to see some credentials haha… no seriously show me your credentials.


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Bitches Love Cake

It’s true. Borgore and Miley Cyrus say so.

So this weekend was my birthday.  It was pretty awesome, I worked until 5 on Saturday at the salon and then when I was done the owner Chantal surprised me with the coolest cake EVER.

How cool is that!!  This was made by a local bakery called Sweet and Shiny!  I love how she added like everything I love into one cake.  I think one of the coolest things is that it is on a mirror! Then to add pink, barbies, blood, and pearls!  WHAT!  The best part is that not only was the outside freaking awesome but the inside was so good, coconut and hazelnut (we think) yum yum.

One of my clients brought me in Hello Kitty balloons and I was determined to get them home even though I road my scooter.  I am sure I looked hilarious with a glittery pink helmet and hello kitty balloons dragging behind me down Flushing Ave.  After work I got ready and met my friend Dan for dinner at a vegan junk food place called Food Swings and he surprised me with little cakes from Vegan Treats!  Every year for geez probably at least 8 years I had a Peanut Butter bomb cake and Dan kept it alive.  So we are up to Cake number 2 for the day…. We went to a Zombie burlesque show after which was awesome!  I totally want to see other shows by them they were funny.  My favorite performer put strips of liquid latex down her arms and legs and instead of pulling off gloves or fishnets she pulled off the latex.  Sounds gross but it was so well done!

On Sunday was my actual birthday.  Jake and I didn’t get home till super late so we slept in, had breakfast, went to the gym then went to his Dad’s house for dinner, and what do you know  had an ice cream cake lol…

I had so much cake its crazy, but i still had it for breakfast today lol. cake cake cake

My gym week last week was only so-so but I actually finally hit 40 pounds!!!  Maybe my body needed a little bit of a break I dunno, but yay!  40 pounds!  Hopefully soon Lydia and I will have a chance to take photos, I have so many new shoes to wear but both of us are busy like every day, and the sun goes down so soon now. boo!

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My Week in Instagram, New Shoes (Again!) Plus A Mini Goal

This week I almost was going to say that it was uneventful but as I was typing it I realized it wasn’t totally boring.  Tuesday my friend Julie brought me as her guest to see a live taping of the Wendy Williams Show.  I have honestly never watched the show, I know her whole “How you doin” schtick but thats about it, but I figured what the heck, why not get up at 5.30 am to go be in an audience lol.

7.30 am in line

Apparently she always does an “Ask Wendy” segment so while we were in line the show’s pa’s were yelling at us to write down a question and turn it in on our way to to the holding area.  I had one, which was apparently a good one and they almost chose me to ask it on the show, but I think when they saw the name Kristin Jackson they were thinking a different type of person was going to show up and they looked a little shocked haha, needless to say I didn’t get picked, phew, i really didn’t want to ask a question anyway. And no I will not tell what it was haha.

After the show we went to lunch at a restaurant in Chelsea called Cafeteria.  So good!  I had been craving a good veggie burger for days and Cafeteria fit the bill completely.

Vegan Veggie Burger with Parmesan Truffle fries! heck yeah I ate those fries!!

Getting up that early in the morning you definitely get a ton done lol, after lunch since I was in the city and it was only like 1 in the afternoon, I figured I would run over to Jack Rabbit and get fitted for some new shoes.  I wanted to see if I could try a different brand because I wasn’t too sold on the cushioning on the Brook’s Adrenaline12 that I have been wearing.  Plus I pretty much tore through them already and I only got them the end of June!  But I guess going to the gym 6 days a week will do that to a shoe.  And lets face it, they were ugly!  So this time I am trying the Saucony Hurricane 14’s

First I would like to thank Saucony for making me a pretty(ish) shoe that is good for stability and comes in wide width (stupid feet).  Towards the end of wearing the Brook’s I noticed that they were getting way too wide, if I did a side lunge or something my foot would slide in them so hopefully that doesn’t happen to these.  So far I like the padding in these a lot better, and the guy who fitted me said that they are encouraging me to be more of a mid-strike runner, rather than a heal runner.  Apparently in the Brooks I run all kinds of wacky and am a mid-strike runner in my right foot and a heal runner in my left!?  Which kind of explains why I was always just getting shin splits in my left leg.   So bottom line, I am happy, I got a pair of black and pink running shoes that fit my feet correctly!  If I love them I am so going to buy another pair to last me through the summer when all the shoes go back to being ugly and white.

My next mini goal to conquer…

I just just hit the weight i was after I finished my juice cleanse, so I am up to 37 pounds lost, I would like to make it to 40 pounds by Halloween.  My weight loss has definitely slowed down so 3 pounds in less than a month is going to be tough, but I have been putting a ton of extra time into the gym.  So much that I have already reached my heart rate monitors weekly goals for everything, and I still have tomorrow to workout so I am going above a beyond and hopefully the momentum will continue.  On Wednesday we closed the salon so I took advantage and went to the gym over time

Yep that says 2 hours and 46 minutes, and yes I burned 1081 calories, I did about an hour of strength and cross training, then the arc trainer, elliptical, and treadmill!

So hopefully I can get these 3 pounds off by Halloween!  Hold me to it!  Typical goth girl, I lose weight for halloween when most girls try to lose weight for “bikini season” lol but i don’t know, I think those sexy halloween costumes are way less forgiving than some bathing suits!

The one bonus of me losing weight in my mid-section so slowly is that right now it looks like i have hips, but once that is gone straight square little me will come back. wahh wahh



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Train a lot more…


Yes Polar gods…

That is what my heart rate monitor told me to do this week.  Wow.  Where is the I was just on vacation setting?  or the give me a break button?  Tough love I suppose.  Really though if the thing would have logged my spin class we wouldn’t be having this issue in the first place lol.  Well actually no that is an excuse, when I got home from my trip I was tired and didn’t go to the gym for three days, so it was really my fault.

Today I am blogging instead of going to the gym.  Which I am sure my heart rate monitor is going to yell at me next monday for but I also think that listening to your body is important.  I trained really hard yesterday, and today after I got up to see Jake off to work, I sat in my bed and before I knew it I was knocked out asleep again, and didn’t wake up until almost 10.  Clearly I was exhausted.  Not only am I getting back into the swing of things from vacation but I am also heading into the super busy time at work so I need to adjust to that too.  My feet still hurt from yesterdays genius idea of wearing these amazing Irregular Choice boots.  Sure they look harmless but they are a wood platform and I stand on a cement floor all day, ouchhhh

oh how I love to suffer for shoes, I would say fashion… but really its just shoes.

Speaking of shoes I am just about to hit my 500 miles on my Brooks running shoes.  Those ugly things that I hate.  They look gross.  I haven’t decided if I am in love with them yet.  When I first got them there was “support” in the ball of my foot that hurt so bad to the point that I almost returned them.  I honestly haven’t gotten a shin splint or any foot/leg pains since I have gotten them, but the fact that I needed to almost break in that padding was really annoying.  I also feel like they have stretched out width wise quite a bit so when I do side lunges and stuff I tend to slide a bit in them to either side.    So I suppose I will go back to Jack Rabbit and do another running test, maybe try Mizunos again and see how those are for this time around.

This is an odd question but do any New Yorkers know of a store that does similar testing to Jack Rabbit.  While I love Jack Rabbit, they only have a few brands, and it seems like mostly what they have are Nike.  I refuse to wear Nike for many reasons so my choices there are quite slim, I’d like to see if there is another shoe store that sells some other options, maybe I could get something cuter?

On a side note, I have been re-living my goth girl youth lately and have been non-stop listening to my old favs, this one has been high on the list, And One- Deutschmachine


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