I got new Shoes

You might be wondering… why is that significant.  Well I’ll tell you why.

Because they are UGLY!

The week of the Run Amuck Festival I was running on a treadmill as I usually do and got a really bad shin splint in my left leg.  It has been happening randomly for a few months as my running has been increasing, but last week it was horrible,  so bad that last monday I basicly hobbled off the treadmill after only a half hour.  I gave my legs a break and went back to the arc trainer for the rest of the week since I knew the run that Saturday would be really strenuous.

I have been wearing Reebok Premier Zigfly SE, I loved them, I thought they were comfortable, and most importantly they were cute and matched my pink, black, and hint of white world.


But they seem to be the problem, I am sure they work for a ton of people but unfortunatly for me I am doomed to the ugly shoe section.  I remember a while back I went to a running store in NJ and they recommended me to wear Mizuno’s but I really never wore them because I thought they were hideous (mostly because of the color options).  I even had decided that I was going to wear them to Run Amuck because they were going to get ruined and was prepared to throw them away.  Then that morning of the race I put them on a realized what a comfortable shoe actually felt like.  But I still wore them to the race, and I still threw them away after lol…

So Tuesday I sucked it up, I rode over to the store Jack Rabbit and got fitted for real big girl running shoes.  Jack Rabbit is a cool place, They have treadmills set up with video cameras on the ground behind them and tvs on the wall in front.  They have you run in each and every pair of shoes that you try and record it, then play it back for you so that you can see how each shoe effects your running.  I have to give the guy who helped me credit, he had a ton of patience and tried to bring out the most attractive pairs of shoes first, but my luck the ugly pair was the best.  Damn my high instep, high arches, pudgy toes and skinny heals!

So I keep calling them ugly, i kind of feel bad but like I just hate white sneakers, they get so dirty and they clash with all my clothes.  I know that should be the last thing that I should be worrying about but I just can’t help it.  I do have to admit, they are really comfortable and I do feel a difference.  of course.

So what shoes did I get? the Brooks Adrenaline GTS 12


my feets

Time will tell if it helps prevent the shin splints.  Hopefully it will now that I am more supported and my landing is improved.  I might order them in the only other color option that I have, goth girl black which is guess is better, still boring but at least with those I can get hot pink laces 🙂



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