Let’s get Motivated

Today when I posted a blog post a friend of mine asked how I stay so motivated. I have been asked that a million times that I figured I should just devote an entire post to it.

I’m not going to say this entire thing has been easy…  in fact its freaking hard!  If you have been a reader of my blog I am sure you remember reading this blog post where I wrote about missing my old life and had a mini break down but I got through it.

I think first of all it is important to create small goals to meet.  This was my first mistake.  Jake kept telling me “small goals, small goals, you aren’t making small goals!” to me a small goal was “6 months from now I want to be able to buy an All Saints dress”.. but that is a long term goal.  A small goal would be “this week I am going to go to the gym 6 days” or “This week I am going to burn 2500 calories” It can even be a daily goal.  After I snapped myself back to reality and started making the smaller goals things got easier, and it didn’t seem like as much of a chore.  I passed my 6 month goal and I didn’t buy that All Saints dress, I think it will fit, but lucky for my wallet, this season’s dresses were all UGLY!  I didn’t like a single one lol.

I am sure you are all tired of seeing me post photos of my heart rate monitor but that thing has helped me so much.  Not only does it give me feedback after each work out but it also gives me weekly goals and feedback about what I did.  It helps keep me accountable for working out and helps me keep track of my progress.  I love it, especially when it works  hehe.  Having my heart rate monitor keeping track of my calories, hours spent in the gym, and milage helps give me more time to spend in the gym and totally helps me stay motivated.  I am a numbers girl for sure,  I try to not leave the gym until I burn at least 500 calories and I always try to beat the time and calories that it has set for me for the week.

Another thing that keeps me going is this guy….. of course

okay so maybe I was just looking for an excuse to post this photo, j/k  But Jake has helped me through everything.  Having a weekly gym buddy and having his support made everything possible.  I would have never gotten anywhere near where I am now if I didn’t have his help.  Sure he might say I am spoiled by him when we work out together or when I worked out with my trainer, but whatever, who doesn’t like to be spoiled!  I think the moment you decide to go at this alone is the moment that it gets harder.  I mean even though Jake and I are working towards totally different things and he is obviously way more advanced than me it still makes a huge difference.  You don’t need to have a friend that has the same goals as you, just someone that might want to join you for a walk or a run.  Trust me it makes all the difference.

Another thing and I think it is the most important is that you need to treat this entire thing as a life change, not a diet. I think the word diet makes things more difficult and just makes this entire thing not seem permanent.  I mean if I am putting in all this effort I want to make it last.  The last thing I want to happen is to finally lose all this extra weight just to put it back on.  Sure I might not be as strict on the calorie counts but I don’t think I will back down on the gym.  As I said in a previous post in the beginning of this whole thing my goals were strictly weight loss related and now they are more fitness related.  I want to be able to run a half marathon, and then maybe a full marathon eventually, and to do that I need to commit to a new life, not a diet, never a diet.

Last thing that I want to stress is to never deny yourself.  This is another thing that Jake has helped me with.  We have cheat day Sundays, eat what we want but are smart about it.  After all we both work out almost everyday I think we deserve a slice of pizza, or some ice cream every once in a while.  Food is good, why miss out and make yourself crazy by denying yourself of it.  But if you find yourself constantly eating cookies don’t keep them around.  The only way to break yourself of craving all that crappy food is to not keep it around so get rid of it and replace it with fruits and veggies.  Now usually if I want something sweet I go for peanut butter or a chocolate protein shake, and Jake and I make fruit smoothies constantly!

Today I finally fit in a dress that I bought months ago and was super let down that it didn’t fit.  Celebrate the small stuff and the big stuff because any progress is awesome.

Now it’s your turn… what keeps you motivated?



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5 responses to “Let’s get Motivated

  1. You look fantastic! Thanks for sharing your motivation. Frankly, it’s your blog and you can post whatever you want.

  2. Hmmmm what keeps me motivated? It’s keeping my inner crazy quiet…. The more I work out and stay fit the less I worry about being “the right size” and what I can and can’t eat. I hate dieting and I hate my body dismorphia but the more effort I put into just staying healthy and fit the less I beat myself up about ice cream and what size my pants are 🙂 knowing I can move a couch and kick ass makes me feel good….. 🙂

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  4. I have been using GymPact + RunKeeper to track my walks with my dog and my runs, if I don’t go to the gym or walk Lucy about 4x a week, it costs me $5 for every day missed!! But, if I do go, I get about 60 or 70 cents a workout, yeah it is small, but it keeps me going!

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