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Our First Spin class

I have been in LA for two full days, I have indulged in a lot of crappy food.. Well not literally a ton, but i have definitely eaten worse than I would have if I were in NY.  I kind of think that it is funny that everyone acts like you can eat so healthy in LA but I feel like there are way more junk food and burger joints than healthy spots.  There are soooo many burger places. sheesh.

One of the things that I had (which was amazing) was a butterscotch drumstick from a place called Milk

I figured It since I went out running and stopped at a park to do some calisthenics I deserved a little treat. right?

One of the things that I forgot about California is it has hills.  Its not flat like NY so that added more of a challenge to running outside and the sun was way out so I got a little burnt. Here was my route, it was pretty simple, I didn’t run as much as I normally would have but I did a lot more squats and burpees and stuff

My friend Robert, has been hosting me since I got here.  Unfortunately he has had to work while I am here but one of his clients is a spinning instructor at Up Dog Fitness and invited us to a class since we never did it before.

The class started at 8.15 and I am not going to lie I had to work kind of hard to convince Robert to be excited but we got up, got ready and walked on over.  I had no clue what to expect, especially from a studio in West Hollywood (apparently they do a broadway musical spin class lol.)

We showed up and our teacher Graham was super friendly and told us that it was a difficult class to try for our first time, but to sit down on the seat when we had to and stuff like that then he strapped us to our bikes and on we went warming up.

The whole class was about 50 minutes long, and it was hard!  The seat hurt my butt, my quads which were already sore from all the stuff I did yesterday, but now they are extra sore.  I think if I do the class next time I will rent the special shoes.  Being strapped in wasn’t as comfortable because my sneakers didn’t give me any support in my arch for it so that was a little ouchy.

Robert and I finished it, were super sweaty but we still were smiling.  It was actually super fun!

That was Robert and I smiling with our protein shakes.  I was super bummed because again my heart rate monitor went crazy, and stopped measuring my heart rate half way through and stopped counting calories, but it still kept time.  Kind of annoying.  I would have liked to know how many calories I burned, but Graham said it was probably about 600 or so, so I will take it hehe. My monitor never did the double line thing before, I am hoping it means the battery is dying?  Even though it shouldn’t.

When we got home Robert took control of my roots and colored my hair, thank god.. they were insanely long and now I look so much better lol.

yay!  no roots! Only a few more days left in LA with some more friends to catch up with, then onto Vegas on Monday!  Can’t wait!



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