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Sixteen Hours in the Gym This Week, and all I have to Show is this Blog Post.

This week, even though it has been a good one has been tough.  I probably worked out more this week than ever, 16 hours to be exact and was just 54 calories shy of burning 5,000 calories.  image

Yet I am still not losing weight.  Is my scale stuck?  Are my muscles bigger?  I have been talking to two trainers,  one that I am working out with, Alex and another that is vegan so she kind of gets my eating woes.  Alex wants me to eat more protein, the vegan trainer thinks I might just have to eat more in general.  I fell off the myfitnesspal wagon quickly.  It just drives me crazy I eat too many veggies to sit there and add it all in there.  Myfitnesspal is designed more for people that eat processed food, its so much easier to just scan everything, but my bell pepper doesn’t have a barcode.  First world problems I suppose.

I’m not letting it bug me… much.  I mean I am not going to say I don’t want to see results, but I’m not quitting either.  I feel like I am still seeing small changes in my body, but nothing huge.


If there are any signs of my weight loss it is that so many of my workout pants don’t stay up when I run anymore.  It is kind of becoming expensive, and a pain to plan my outfits.  I have to make sure I wear the proper outfit for the workout that I am doing that day.  On one hand I get to keep up with all the spring/summer neon that is happening right now like with these Adidas pants that I just got but it is also killing my bank account.  Does anyone want to teach me how to sew in a drawstring to the inside of my pants?


My quads look crazy

My food obsession of the moment right now is salads with carrot ginger dressing.  I am still trying to figure out the perfect recipe which is slowed by me not measuring or writing anything down lol.  But it’s super easy!  I make it in my Ninja in like less than 5 minutes!

photo-2 copy

Basically it is

  • 1.5 carrots
  • about a 2-3 inch chunk of ginger
  • spoonful of miso paste
  • 1 tsp Olive oil or sesame oil
  • 1 tbsp rice vinegar

Obviously those can all be changed to taste, you don’t need to add salt because the miso paste is already salty.  But make sure your miso is non-GMO!image-2


And Last but certainly not least, I am registered to run in MuckFest MS in Baltimore on June 29th!

MuckFestHeaderLogo_INTI did this last year and had a ton of fun! It is 5 miles with a ton of mud and crazy obstacles.  But the best part about it is that is raises money to help find a cure for MS.  If you have been a reader of my blog you would probably know that my mom has MS so this is definitely a cause close to my heart.  If you would like to help me raise money to reach my $200 goal.  All you have to do is click this link and it will put you on my personal page to donate!




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I LOVE my Bike!!!

It happened, Brooklyn has taken me over and I think I am officially a hipster.  Let us count the ways that I have changed since leaving my roots in NJ

  • I work in a salon in Bushwick and worked in Williamsburg
  • I have a scooter
  • I have a “fixie” (almost)
  • I like my hair better when I don’t brush it
  • I am vegetarian
  • I juice
  • When I don’t juice myself I buy juice
  • I love instagram
  • I post food photos on instagram
  • I have an iPhone, iPad, and a MacBook Pro.. and an AppleTV lol

the list goes on and on….

Help me I am a hipster!

But you can’t totally take the Jersey out of me. I still love my animal print lol

But anyway.  This post is about my hipster bike.  I love it already.  Today my friend Julie and I went on a bike ride around Brooklyn.  We biked through Prospect Park and ended up in Cobble Hill for dinner.  It was so much fun and we are going to try to do it more often.  I have to admit, I was nervous that I wasn’t going to use my bike too much, but now I am in love with it and have used it pretty much everyday!


37057_10200750350856487_790748023_nDidn’t get a photo of Julie during in daylight… woops.

Today I also ran outside for the first time this spring.  I originally planned on going to the gym to run on the treadmill.  In fact I walked all the way there, checked in walked into the locker room and realized I forgot my lock and had to go home and get it.    What a waste, so I changed my mind and went for a run outside.  I ran just under 3 miles.  2.9 to be exact and only because I got to the grocery store and wanted to to buy some food.  I even tried to run past the store to the end of the block and turn around but it still didn’t move me up to 3 miles.  darn.

21106_10200750024688333_443236274_nThe first row was my run and gym walk, and shopping, and doing some calisthenics when I found places to do them.  The second two rows are our bike riding adventures. 1,552 calories for the day!!!

941068_10200750167691908_975989572_nI really love this Moves app!  It’s so cool how it knows what I am doing, and I love the timeline of my day! Everyone should download it.  Plus it covers what my fitbit and my heart rate monitor can’t.  My fitbit doesn’t know anything other than walking, and my heart rate monitor while it can track my running, and calories and my heart rate (obviously) it can only count my calories not my bike mileage.  So maybe it seems like all these apps and gadgets are excessive, but really they all do different things so I like to use them all.  They aren’t necessary but they are fun.

So now my scooter is feeling left out, in fact the bitch got two tickets today while it was parked (don’t worry I can fight them, the cops must have been really bored today) Now you will probably see me around more on my bike, and hopefully this little added extra cardio will be the jumpstart I need to FINALLY get to my 50 pound loss mini goal!  So many April set backs really ruined that goal.  I am also starting back up with my trainer on Friday so that should help too…

Are there any other fun apps that I should have on my phone?





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Bump in the Road

Last week I had a great gym week, again I ignored what my heart rate monitor said and ran as much as I wanted.  Its a lot  more fun, and I have honestly already noticed a difference, my heart rate is staying lower while I run which is awesome.15117_10200590047889013_712156954_nagain no stars or trophies. I really thought I would get a couple stars since I at least finished all of my zones.  Oh well.  I don’t need stars to keep going, they just look pretty on my watch.

I was all pumped to go to the gym yesterday.  Mondays I have been going in the morning to do some cardio then I go with Jake at night to do our weekly leg day.  I stayed at Jake’s house Sunday night to watch Wrestlemania and when I left Monday morning I hit a bump in the road, literally,  On my scooter.  I lost control and me and my scooter went flying and slid across the road.  I was pretty lucky I didn’t break anything or get seriously hurt just some road rash and bumps and bruises.  My scooter still runs even though it is kind of scratched up.  I was lucky that it was on a busy road, a lot of people saw it happen and helped me get my scooter up and called an ambulance to clean me up.

555139_10200585423013394_274285943_nglad that it wasn’t an expensive coat and that it’s spring hehe.534952_10200585456854240_722249821_n

482756_10200589963646907_1405444477_nThis is what I woke up with.  My arms neck and abs are sore.  I guess I tensed up a lot, it was seriously super crazy feeling and scary.  And I am glad that this is all that happened.  It kind of woke me up a bit too, what if this were last summer when I was just wearing short sleeves or a little hoodie.  What save my arms from worse was my coat and my plastic windbreaker underneath.  I am definitely now always going to keep my skin covered when I ride no matter how hot it is.  I really wanted to be tough and go to the gym yesterday and at least just ride on the bike, but every time I moved my arm the wrong way my arm would start to bleed again and a lot, so I figured the people at the gym wouldn’t appreciate being next to a bloody girl.  I still am going to try to get some light cardio in today, maybe outside since it is AMAZING out!

Speaking of Wrestlemania my super talented friend Anna Yvette produced and was the vocals for a song by Machine Gun Kelly, and John Cena used it for his Redemption Video!   I was actually dozing off while we were watching and woke up yelling thats Anna singing!!  I had no clue that it was going to be on.  I am so proud of her!  What a huge huge huge break for her!


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Kristin Went Out

Last night I actually ventured out into Manhattan to go to the opening reception of a friend of mine, Mark DeMaio’s gallery Show.  I met Mark at another friends opening show a little over a year ago and we instantly connected.

Mark’s show was called I Walk the Line, he limited his colors to black white and silver, and even used black glitter in some.  I LOVED it!

This is my favorite piece of the night, I love the skulls and all the different faces in there.  Every time you look at it you notice something else.

-My Heart is Full

-My Heart is Full


Mark and his doormen

After the show we headed over to the West Villiage to a great Peruvian restaurant for the after party.  I had so much fun and got to hang out with my friend Worm Carnevale who you might remember from this post and the photograph he took of me.  I also got to finally meet a facebook friend that I have followed for a bit named Cojo.  I stayed out wayyyyy later than I wanted to, but it was worth it.  It was nice to let loose (and by let loose I mean sitting around a table talking to friends haha).  I have become a huge slave to the gym that I kind of lost some of my fun self.  It’s just hard when you have goals that you want to meet and your determined its easy to let that happen.

I’m definitely tired, but I still got up early, and now I am heading back the the gym.  mission get to -50 pounds is still in full effect.  I’ll rest Sunday and maybe nap during Jake’s Wrestlemania viewing get together…  or maybe I’ll watch who knows, it could be interestesting hehe.

By the way, I’m back on MyFitnessPal tracking my macros, that is how on this mission is, I am actually driving myself insane tracking everything that I eat again.  So if you want to add me my name is KristinJacksonHair.  YAY




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Do I Listen to My Body, or The Machine That Listens to My Body

Last July I bought my Polar FT60 Women’s Heart Rate Monitorand I can honestly say it was one of the best things that I bought.  It did take me a bit to figure it out but once I got the hang of it I think it has been indispensable.  The thing that drives me crazy is that none of the training modes give me much time to run.  I chose the FT60 over any other model because it has the training modes that give you weekly goals to meet and/or beat and it also gives you feedback as well.  482188_10200533573437187_589942959_n


Right now I have mine set to increase fitness.  I used to have it set to lose weight but I found that it had me work out at too low of an intensity and it got boring.  Even in the increase fitness setting my goals are 2 hours in zone 1 (117-133) 3.5 hours in zone 2 (134-151) and 1.5 hours in zone 3 (152-171).  When I run I am in zone 3 and when I do the arc trainer or the elliptical at a moderate pace I can stay in zone 2.  But why won’t it let me be in zone 3 more?  My body does not feel exhausted if I run the amount that I am which last week was way more than it wanted me to.  In fact the past few weeks I have felt like I wanted to do more.  So I decided that this week I would….

Sporting a pink face in that one… That day I warmed up with .25mi then ran 4.75 miles non-stop and stayed in zone 3 for most of my workout.  It felt awesome, I have lost so much of my endurance since last summer when I was running more.  When I wrote to polar asking how I can get more time in zone 3 in my training they basically told me I couldn’t and in a nice way to get healthier.  Explaining that I should be able to get my heart rate lower while I run.

Yeah yeah yeah, I totally agree with that idea.  However, how can I do that without feeling like I am actually working hard.  I am sure there is a TON of science that goes into these things but I can’t help but to feel a tad bit held back sometimes, but then other times it helps me get out of a weight loss slump.  I don’t want to say that I know all, or that I know more than the engineers that designed this, but I do know my body and it is telling me to run more.543728_10200549252189146_1282615107_nThat was my totals from last week.  My zone 1 is a bit over what it really was because my battery was dying in my sensor I think and I was getting low readings during times when I should have been in zone 2… but oh well, its still about right.  See what it told me though, train less in zone 3.  Of course it did because I ran 3 days in a row.  The bummer was I didn’t get a single star for my feedback, usually I get 3 stars and a trophy.  I was surprised I didn’t get anything considering I did way better working out for 12.5 hours and burning almost 4000 calories!

So what am I going to do?  Run.  suck it Polar… just kidding.  But I am going to ignore the training goals, and just use the heart rate monitor to make sure that I stay within my 3 zones for a couple of weeks and see where it takes me.  I am creeping up to reaching 50 pounds and I would like that to come sooner than later. But I think everyone wants that.


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Tattoos and Leg Days

Last Thursday I finished up my Angel tattoo so I didn’t get to go to the gym Friday or Saturday to let it heal up.  I made my goals for the week but by the skin of my teeth and only because I had days like this:

598944_10200477268229592_1602688145_nI kinda of knew I probably wouldn’t beat my goals if I didn’t add some extra time to the days I did go, but I went a little crazy hehe, I even clocked in about 22,000 steps that day!  Either way, I did sleep well after that workout!

I am sure you want to see my finished tattoo…



Don’t judge my thigh, this is 10 minutes after we finished and man was I swollen!  It’s in the peeling stage right now so I can’t snap a new one quite yet.  Leaf did such a good job getting Angel’s attitude in her face, and I LOVE the frame!  I already have my  other leg planned the only thing is that I hate cutting into my gym time especially since I am trying to work on my endurance for the runs that I am doing this summer.

Monday was my first day back to the gym since my tattoo and it is my weekly leg day with Jake.  I used to just run while Jake did all his squats and deadlifts but a little over a month ago or so I decided that I should be doing that too.  So now I do his entire routine.

26318_10200333299550465_1427876075_nThis was in the beginning of when I started with him I was doing 40 pounds and he was doing 315 pounds.


401189_10200509253429202_432895541_nYesterday I doubled what I started with and did 80 pounds and Jake made his goal a week early and did 405 pounds!  Thats just crazy.

The first week I started doing all this it hurt to walk for days after, now my legs still get a little sore since I keep upping the weight but not nearly like that first week.  I think there is a big difference in how they look though.  Hopefully.  Even if there isn’t a measurable difference I am getting stronger and that is kind of cool, and it’s more fun and entertaining to be on the meathead side of the gym for a change.



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Chantal’s Skating Birthday Party

If you haven’t noticed by now, I like having little random adventures.  Skydiving, snowboarding, snow tubing you name it, I probably will want to do it… well except camping, never say camping lol.

Last night was the owner of my salon, Chantal’s birthday so we had to do something super fun to celebrate it of course.  In the past few weeks a couple of my clients had been talking about a skating night that happens on Wednesday nights in Bed-Stuy called Crazy Legs Skate Club.  With all that skating talk it totally got in our heads and we hadddddd to do it.  We looked up Crazy Legs but the downfall was it wasn’t a real skating rink.  None of us had skated in a long time and since that night was in a gym you kind of had to have some skills.  No walls to slam into made me wonder how I was going to stop myself lol.  I know skates have stoppers on the toes but I just never feel like I won’t fall when I use it so I usually just hit the wall haha. This lead Chantal to search the internet and we found Hot Skates in Long Island.  Chantal’s boyfriend Chris rented a huge 8 person van which we jammed 10 people in and headed out of the city.

These skates never change

These skates never change

When I was a kid I took skating lessons briefly, but like I have said a million times before I am a chronic quitter, so I quit that too.  I never was bad, but I can’t say I was ever good either.  I can certainly stay upright and get some good speed going but I still can’t skate backwards and I’m not going to lie, I was a little jealous of those dancing couples, it looked so fun to do all those spins and dips!

me, Mary, Chantal, Shelby, Tom, and Fleury Rose

me, Mary, Chantal, Shelby, Tom, and Fleury Rose


The rink was just like I remembered as a kid

I wish we could have gotten some more pictures but apparently texting or taking pictures with your iPhone is illegal in the skating rink too so I got yelled at.

It was seriously super fun, and I kind of want to go again!  I’m hoping maybe one day I can drag Jake out and see his moves hehe. Plus its good exercise! It put me almost 4,000 steps into my daily goal for Sunday on my fitbit (the hours were 10-3 and my fitbit restarts at midnight)  So who wants to go with me next time??





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