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Raw Pasta

I am not usually one for pasta but for some reason the other day I was craving it.  I used to love pasta, until a few years ago when one of my roommates and I were trying to save money to get a new apartment and literally ate pasta for almost a month.  Since then I kind of equate it to being poor. lol.  Not that I was poor but being a freelance artist makes it hard to get a new place in New York City, no one believes in you so we had to have a lot of money in the bank to prove that we could pay for the apartment without consistent paychecks coming in.

Since I wanted pasta but didn’t want the carbs I decided to try to make a raw zucchini pasta.  I ordered this spiralizer on amazon and two days later I was making my own noodles!

484889_10200414608303133_987730281_nI made my raw marinara in my ninja which was super simple. Here are my ingredients

  • 1 pint cherry tomatoes
  • 7 sun dried tomatoes
  • 1/4 of a shallot
  • 1 clove of garlic
  • fresh basil to taste
  • 1/2 tablespoon of olive oil
  • 1/2 tablespoon of raw apple cider vinegar
  • salt and pepper to taste

rawpasta2-rtNow obviously this is a raw dish so you eat it cold.  I know some people won’t totally be into it but if you still want to try, warm up the plates a little first and it will make the whole dish not feel so cold.



One thing to note is while yes, you certainly can make this ahead of time and keep it in the fridge you don’t want to combine the two until you are about the serve it.  The salt in the sauce will make the zucchini expel its water and you will be left with a watery mess which won’t be so pretty, or good for that matter.

And the best part about this dish,  look how few calories it is!! This is for way more pasta than is shown in the photos keep in mind, so you can totally splurge and not feel guilty at all!

531692_10200414816148329_1073062467_nI do have to say I am addicted to my new spiralizer, Jake and I just cut up sweet potatoes to make baked curly sweet potato fries, and I also bought huge carrots to try also! Can’t wait!





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Maple Walnut Shake

In my quest to make different flavored protein shakes I stumbled upon maple flavored agave and figured I would try it out.  I had also been experimenting since my Soak Your Nuts post on how I can dehydrate my nuts and things without a dehydrator.  I was correct about my oven it roasted the almonds I put in there even on the warm setting.  But then it came to me.  I have a gas stove and the oven is always a little warm because the pilot light is always on.  So I soaked some raw walnuts laid them out on a baking sheet and went to work, when I came home they were almost dry and a few more hours later they were perfect!

So now I had a bunch of walnuts to use, so I decided to make a maple walnut shake which turned out really good.  I suppose you could use regular maple syrup if you wish but I never really have any on hand and I like using agave syrup anyway.  So here is what you need


I of course made this in my single serve cup with my Ninja Pulse Blender.I have found when using this blender I usually start with half the liquid then put the powder and all the other ingredients in, then top it off with the other half of the liquid works best.  When I would just start with the protein powder a bunch of it would get stuck to the top and then I would be left with little lumps.  You can of course adjust these amounts of these ingredients to your taste or to what you have in your house but this is just how I liked it.


So let me know what you think of this one!  And don’t forget to soak the walnuts if you are using them raw!

ps, I had a hard time getting these photos right as you can tell, so many bland colors lol, but it gets the point across so forgive me, there is a definite learning curve going from being a film photographer to a hairstylist and then switching to a fancy digital slr lol.



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Healthy Vegan Shamrock Shake

Well its shamrock shake time at McDonalds.  I never eat at McDonalds, but I can’t help but to love the shamrock shake.  I usually get one a year just to get a taste of it but this year I decided to try to make my own.

Sure there are a million recipes online and I suppose I could have just followed one of those, but a lot of them had ingredients that I just wasn’t into.  I don’t want to drink an avocado, and I cannot stand bananas, and pistachio pudding? was in one of them.  Maybe there is pistachio in the original but all I taste is a sweet mint, so I went with that.

I drink a Vega One shake for breakfast every morning and usually I just mix peanut butter with it, but after about a year it can get a little boring so now I am trying to switch it up.

All you need for my version of the shamrock shake is:


I used my Ninja Pulse Blender for this and it made it perfect.  You can of course adjust these measurements to taste this was just how I liked it.  The Vega One and spinach will turn your shake green by itself, not neon green like at McDonalds, but do we really need that? No way


fresh mint garnish look limp? use spinach instead!


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