My Fit Decision Got A Make-Over!


Hey Guys!

If you haven’t noticed My Fit Decision got a make-over!  Even better it is now moved over to!! If you are currently following me at the old you are going to miss out on some cool stuff, and eventually might even lose my blog completely, which would make me sad!  So how do you subscribe to my updated blog?

You can click this link if you have a bloglovin account or want one!
Follow my blog with Bloglovin

I love bloglovin!  It’s so easy to keep track of all your blog subscriptions in one place and without spamming your inbox!

with that said, if you want me to spam your inbox (not really, but if you want to get e-mails when I update!)

just sign up over in the sidebar to the left when you are on, its super easy!  Also make sure you check out all my other social networking pages!


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One response to “My Fit Decision Got A Make-Over!

  1. losing50laps

    I believe that I am following your new one. Otherwise I still have your FB page. 😉

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