Fit Thursdays!


A couple weeks ago I was able to attend a great blogging workshop called The Blogcademy.  Not only did I learn a TON but I also got great feedback about my blog from people who have made blogging their job.  The class is taught by Gala Darling, Shauna Haider, and Kat Williams all amazing women that have built themselves up to form their own brand and now have joined together to help other aspiring bloggers find their way.

One of the biggest things they told me is that I needed to be more consistent and come up with weekly posts.  As you saw on tuesdays I am now going to do Healthy Tuesdays where I discuss healthy lifestyle choice and post healthy recipes.  On Thursdays I am going to start Fit Thursdays.  Each month I am going to pick a body part then every week I will show a different workout that targets that area.  This month I am going to focus on the triceps.  Let’s face it every girl feels self-conscience of their jiggly arms.  When I wave I don’t want my upper arm to wave too, so the strength training exercises that I am going to show this month, while they are basic, will help make a huge difference in your arms.  Let’s all work towards saying good-bye to that jiggle.

So check back next Thursday for the first exercise!   


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3 responses to “Fit Thursdays!

  1. I follow Gala Darling’s blog and am absolutely in love with it. That is so cool that you got to go to the blogcademy.

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