8 Reasons Why its Hard to be Goth and Workout

What do you mean this isn't a proper gym outfit?

Training for Tough Mudder: What do you mean this isn’t a proper workout outfit?

  • No Eyebrows:  I have no eyebrows by choice.  But this means when I sweat I have nothing to stop my sweat from dripping into my eyes and it stings!  Even worse, I can’t workout with my eyebrows on because they will smear.

  • Hair Color:  Fantasy colors aren’t permanent.  When my hair is freshly colored it stains my neck and my clothes, and having to wash it more makes it fade faster.  It’s so much work!

  • Being Pale:  Trying to work out outside is a nightmare.. no matter how much sunscreen I put on I still burn to a crisp, or even worse….. get a tan! ew!

  • Tattoos:  I have to plan getting my tattoos around my workout schedule so I can give them some healing time.

  • Workout Gear:  Finding black sneakers is so hard, and when was the last time you saw proper workout clothes with skulls on it?  Never.

  • Music:  Goth music isn’t the most motivating, in fact sometimes it might slow me down.

  • Classes:  Have you seen a goth girl do Zumba?  Probably not, our industrial dancing just doesn’t translate well (example here).  I am glad I tried it in the privacy of my own home first before I embarrassed myself.

  • Sleep Schedule:  How many goth kids do you see up in the morning that aren’t on their way home from the night before.  We are night owls by nature and need gyms that cater to that and there really aren’t many.  I unfortunately am now a morning person in order to get my workouts in.


But with all this said, I still love it and I feel so much better doing it.  It might be hard to get over certain hurdles, but it’s worth it in the end.

I used to never like wearing my hair in a pony tail or a bun and was never happy if I had to go out without a full face of makeup or my hair perfect.  Now I am more comfortable with my own skin that I can do that with confidence which is amazing.  You have to make every negative a positive, sure my hair is faded, but pastel colors are in, and maybe I can’t do Zumba to save my life, but I can definitely punch and kick which is perfect for kick boxing.  The only thing I can’t fix is my tan, but I am dealing with it I suppose and I am keeping the sunscreen companies in business.

What about you guys, do you have anything to add to my list?  Any problems you had to over come?


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