Sixteen Hours in the Gym This Week, and all I have to Show is this Blog Post.

This week, even though it has been a good one has been tough.  I probably worked out more this week than ever, 16 hours to be exact and was just 54 calories shy of burning 5,000 calories.  image

Yet I am still not losing weight.  Is my scale stuck?  Are my muscles bigger?  I have been talking to two trainers,  one that I am working out with, Alex and another that is vegan so she kind of gets my eating woes.  Alex wants me to eat more protein, the vegan trainer thinks I might just have to eat more in general.  I fell off the myfitnesspal wagon quickly.  It just drives me crazy I eat too many veggies to sit there and add it all in there.  Myfitnesspal is designed more for people that eat processed food, its so much easier to just scan everything, but my bell pepper doesn’t have a barcode.  First world problems I suppose.

I’m not letting it bug me… much.  I mean I am not going to say I don’t want to see results, but I’m not quitting either.  I feel like I am still seeing small changes in my body, but nothing huge.


If there are any signs of my weight loss it is that so many of my workout pants don’t stay up when I run anymore.  It is kind of becoming expensive, and a pain to plan my outfits.  I have to make sure I wear the proper outfit for the workout that I am doing that day.  On one hand I get to keep up with all the spring/summer neon that is happening right now like with these Adidas pants that I just got but it is also killing my bank account.  Does anyone want to teach me how to sew in a drawstring to the inside of my pants?


My quads look crazy

My food obsession of the moment right now is salads with carrot ginger dressing.  I am still trying to figure out the perfect recipe which is slowed by me not measuring or writing anything down lol.  But it’s super easy!  I make it in my Ninja in like less than 5 minutes!

photo-2 copy

Basically it is

  • 1.5 carrots
  • about a 2-3 inch chunk of ginger
  • spoonful of miso paste
  • 1 tsp Olive oil or sesame oil
  • 1 tbsp rice vinegar

Obviously those can all be changed to taste, you don’t need to add salt because the miso paste is already salty.  But make sure your miso is non-GMO!image-2


And Last but certainly not least, I am registered to run in MuckFest MS in Baltimore on June 29th!

MuckFestHeaderLogo_INTI did this last year and had a ton of fun! It is 5 miles with a ton of mud and crazy obstacles.  But the best part about it is that is raises money to help find a cure for MS.  If you have been a reader of my blog you would probably know that my mom has MS so this is definitely a cause close to my heart.  If you would like to help me raise money to reach my $200 goal.  All you have to do is click this link and it will put you on my personal page to donate!



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6 responses to “Sixteen Hours in the Gym This Week, and all I have to Show is this Blog Post.

  1. AHHHHHHH OMG, SO MOTHER FUCKING FRUSTRATING?!!!?! GIRL, i can’t understand how you spent 16 hours in the gym and didn’t lose a pound….??!?!!?

    Question….have you had your thyroid tested? Not to use it as an excuse for everything, if there was even a possibility, maybe that would be why?? And if you got on some kind of medication to adjust your thyroid, maybe you’d see weight falling off?? I don’t know, i’m just brainstorming.

    i FEEL YOU, i really do…this is SO HARD!! I love that you are sticking with it 100%.
    I mean, at the level you are at…working out SO crazy, and you eat pretty much vegan…You’d have to literally break it down.
    1- aare you doing the same things at the gym?? Maybe you need to start something totally different.
    2- Maybe you really DO need to eat more, i had the same problem. To the point where for a while, i’d come home from the gym and not even eat, cuz i didn ‘t want to, or didn’t feel hungry, or i’d just have a protein shake and call it a night. MISTAKE. we need fuel, blah blah blah you know all of this.
    3- I am not a nutritionist or trainer, but i totally agree- maybe you do need more protein?? You eat tons of veggies…you probably need to up your protein intake, which i can imagine is difficult without shoving soy and tofu down your throat all the time, because you don’t eat meat.

    I GETwhat you’re saying about MFP….but maybe, if you were adding all the stuff in, you’d see, that it ISN’T EVEN CLOSE to enough…all your veggies, probably aren’t even adding up to 1200 a day?? And that might be putting your body into hibernation…I don’t know. Just throwing out nonsense. Stay the course, HAVE FAITH!! great post.

    • Honestly the thyroid thing has crossed my mind more than a few times and I really do need to get it checked out. I don’t have insurance so I know it is going to be a big expense which makes me nervous. The other day I looked up places that have a sliding scale so I think I am going to do that in the next few weeks. It really is one of the only things that it can be

      I change up my workouts a lot, do different types of cardio and strength. Working with a trainer etc. I don’t dip below 1,200 calories… I am usually at just under the 1,300 calorie range, but I guess with the amount I work out I could need more. I have started adding a protein shake to my day on top of my breakfast shake which has about 20 grams. Previously I was eating about 60-65 grams of protein a day which according to nutritionists is fine, according to meatheads is horrible lol. It all depends on who you talk to. I know it is way harder to do all this with my limited diet but honestly thats never going to change so I guess I just have to work harder.

      thanks for chiming in!

  2. losing50laps

    Wow calorie burn!! Don’t drawstring. Just buy a needle w/ thread and crimp the sides. Not completely beautiful, but you can remove the stitching and alert when you hit your goal.

  3. Hey Kristin!

    You look great!! I agree with your trainers… more good calories. You are obviously still losing inches which means you are getting leaner because you are building muscle. If you keep track of your body fat % I bet you would see a big deduction there and in my opinion that’s the place I’d want to see the numbers go down. Scales are over rated 🙂

    As a person who was diagnosed with hypothyroidism a few years back, I wouldn’t be to concerned with that as the reason….,you’ve been able to lose weight in the beginning so well and it’s really hard with a thyroid disorder. But it’s never a bad idea just to check on things from time to time!

    My guess is you need to “shake” up your metabolism by adding in more calories. 1300 calories seems way low for all the working out you do …I’d say 1300 is great number for a day you don’t workout but not for a day you do…feed the engine baby and I’ll bet you’ll start seeing results on the scale front!

    Sean & Betsy

    • I am tracking my body fat and it hasn’t really budged either. It’s kinda crazy. I am even gaining weight now. On days I work out super hard I def eat more than 1300 calories I would be too hungry. That’s why I am for the most part at a loss. I started adding another protein shake and I gained more weight this week! Even tho I am seeing slight changes I am still wearing clothes that fit me in July so the changes haven’t been decent. Feels like stuff is just kind of moving to different places instead of disappearing.

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