Kristin Went Out

Last night I actually ventured out into Manhattan to go to the opening reception of a friend of mine, Mark DeMaio’s gallery Show.  I met Mark at another friends opening show a little over a year ago and we instantly connected.

Mark’s show was called I Walk the Line, he limited his colors to black white and silver, and even used black glitter in some.  I LOVED it!

This is my favorite piece of the night, I love the skulls and all the different faces in there.  Every time you look at it you notice something else.

-My Heart is Full

-My Heart is Full


Mark and his doormen

After the show we headed over to the West Villiage to a great Peruvian restaurant for the after party.  I had so much fun and got to hang out with my friend Worm Carnevale who you might remember from this post and the photograph he took of me.  I also got to finally meet a facebook friend that I have followed for a bit named Cojo.  I stayed out wayyyyy later than I wanted to, but it was worth it.  It was nice to let loose (and by let loose I mean sitting around a table talking to friends haha).  I have become a huge slave to the gym that I kind of lost some of my fun self.  It’s just hard when you have goals that you want to meet and your determined its easy to let that happen.

I’m definitely tired, but I still got up early, and now I am heading back the the gym.  mission get to -50 pounds is still in full effect.  I’ll rest Sunday and maybe nap during Jake’s Wrestlemania viewing get together…  or maybe I’ll watch who knows, it could be interestesting hehe.

By the way, I’m back on MyFitnessPal tracking my macros, that is how on this mission is, I am actually driving myself insane tracking everything that I eat again.  So if you want to add me my name is KristinJacksonHair.  YAY





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  1. losing50laps

    I am gonna look you up!

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