Tattoos and Leg Days

Last Thursday I finished up my Angel tattoo so I didn’t get to go to the gym Friday or Saturday to let it heal up.  I made my goals for the week but by the skin of my teeth and only because I had days like this:

598944_10200477268229592_1602688145_nI kinda of knew I probably wouldn’t beat my goals if I didn’t add some extra time to the days I did go, but I went a little crazy hehe, I even clocked in about 22,000 steps that day!  Either way, I did sleep well after that workout!

I am sure you want to see my finished tattoo…



Don’t judge my thigh, this is 10 minutes after we finished and man was I swollen!  It’s in the peeling stage right now so I can’t snap a new one quite yet.  Leaf did such a good job getting Angel’s attitude in her face, and I LOVE the frame!  I already have my  other leg planned the only thing is that I hate cutting into my gym time especially since I am trying to work on my endurance for the runs that I am doing this summer.

Monday was my first day back to the gym since my tattoo and it is my weekly leg day with Jake.  I used to just run while Jake did all his squats and deadlifts but a little over a month ago or so I decided that I should be doing that too.  So now I do his entire routine.

26318_10200333299550465_1427876075_nThis was in the beginning of when I started with him I was doing 40 pounds and he was doing 315 pounds.


401189_10200509253429202_432895541_nYesterday I doubled what I started with and did 80 pounds and Jake made his goal a week early and did 405 pounds!  Thats just crazy.

The first week I started doing all this it hurt to walk for days after, now my legs still get a little sore since I keep upping the weight but not nearly like that first week.  I think there is a big difference in how they look though.  Hopefully.  Even if there isn’t a measurable difference I am getting stronger and that is kind of cool, and it’s more fun and entertaining to be on the meathead side of the gym for a change.




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