Bianca Squats for Stuffed Peppers and Raw Carrot Cake

Tuesday Bianca came over for another gym day and dinner.  It’s fun to work out with her because she is gung ho for everything and fun to talk to during cardio.  We worked arms, and I made her do some squats lol. I even have proof!

64342_10200515996437773_525306358_nThe other best part about Bianca coming over is I get to try out recipes that Jake wouldn’t totally be into.  So I made vegan stuffed poblano peppers with fresh tomatillo salsa that I based off of a recipe I found in the Martha Stewart Meatlesscook book.  Her recipe included goat cheese, which I don’t like at all, and really it didn’t need it so I skipped it.  I also added the farro because i thought that would be a better addition.

64347_10200514537001288_1079918627_nI roasted the peppers on my gas stove which made my apartment smell interesting, luckily it was like 50 degrees outside and I could open my windows.  After I roasted the peppers and peeled them, I made a batch of farro and sautéed it with fresh corn and black beans with a bit of the salsa and packed that into the peppers.

What is farro you say? It’s a gluten free grain.  Now before you think I am hopping on the gluten-free diet trend I am not.  I wanted to change up my quinoa obsession and I figured a heartier grain would be good for this dish.  It has kind of a nutty taste and its just really good.



For the tomatillo salsa, I boiled 5 tomatillos to make them soft then drained them and put them in my blender with a couple cloves of garlic, half a jalapeño, a ton of fresh cilantro, and the juice from 1 and a half limes.  I seasoned it with salt and pepper of course as well.

Of course no meal would be perfect without a dessert so I decided to try a raw carrot cake recipe that I found on a blog.  And by recipe I mean an idea because you know I didn’t follow it.


For this I grated one giant carrot, then realized how juicy the carrot was, so I ran the second one through my juicer to get a dryer pulp.  But I think I liked how it had two different textures, a coarse grated carrot mixed with the finer carrot pulp so if you can do that I would suggest it.  If not grate both but squeeze out a lot of the moisture or it won’t stay together.  Then I added about a cup of raw walnuts (soaked and dried in my oven of course) about a cup of dates, and 3/4 cup of unsweetened dried coconut.  Blended that all together then pressed it into heart shaped baking cups.  Oh! and don’t forget the cinnamon, ginger, and nutmeg!  I did, and had to do it all over again lol.  I know a lot of people think carrot cake isn’t carrot cake without the raisins, but I can’t stand raisins so they were omitted in my version (and it was still carrot cake to me!).


messy kitchen

carrotcake2-rtFor the icing, the original called for cashews, which honestly sounded really good, but Bianca unfortunately is allergic to cashews so I made this out of coconut milk instead.  Did you know that if you put coconut milk in the fridge over night it thickens the creamy part of the milk and it separates to the top.  It ends up almost like being coconut cream (only without all the added junk when you buy it pre-made)  I scooped out all the coconut cream put it in my blender with some maple flavored agave, vanilla powder and a little vanilla extract.  Then I whipped it together and it made a super fluffy icing kind of like a cool whip consistency and it was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!

I am totally making that raw carrot cake for like every occasion now, I think anyone would like it no matter what kind of diet they have, it didn’t need to be made with flour or baked, and it didn’t need any extra oil or hydrogenated fats to make it delicious.  Give it a shot, you will probably really like it!  Even if you are one of those people that don’t believe in mixing vegetables in with your sweets… you know who you are…



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21 responses to “Bianca Squats for Stuffed Peppers and Raw Carrot Cake

  1. losing50laps

    Carrot cake recipe? Love eating the raw pasta. Love all your food posts!

  2. I was bad and didn’t measure everything, I try to for the blog, but I usually just love to throw things in a bowl until it looks right or tastes right. For the most part I used

    2 large carrots (like the ones used for juicing)
    1 cup walnuts
    1 cup dates
    3/4 cup coconut
    and a sprinkle of ginger, nutmeg, and like 2 shakes of cinnamon.

    mixed it in my blender and that was it. it was super easy!

    Glad you like the raw pasta! I love it too!! I have a zucchini in my fridge ready for friday to make it hehe

    and also glad you like my food posts! I had to shake up the blog a bit since I haven’t been losing as much weight as in the beginning hehe and the food is fun!

    • losing50laps

      Thanks! I am gonna make the chili with cornbread for my hubby and me next week. Keep it coming and I will keep reading and writing recipes!

      • I think that was my boyfriends favorite meal that I have made him so far, especially for the portability of it. He just gets so bummed when I wont let him eat it right when its hot so I can take photos lol. A few times he was like, “can I eat it.. yet?” poor boyfriend of an aspiring blogger

        let me know how it comes out! or even a post!

  3. hey, great post!! I just wanted to know, 1- did you roast the peppers literally, on the open flame on the burner? cuz i’ve done that before, the oven works too but takes way too long- also, if you liked the farro- I love making FARROTTO, you can make like a risotto out of the farro, it cooks up like rice, when you treat it like the rice you use for risotto.
    2, when you say you “whipped” it together, do you mean you just put it in the blender? did it get peaks like frosting? soooo interesting, i’ve never tried to make frosting out of coconut cream before…i’m DEF. gonna try this. LOVE learning new things.


    • Thanks!!
      For the peppers. Yep just roasted them over the flame. I sat two on either side and just flipped them till they turned black. Then I put them in a bowl with a plate over it to steam for a few minutes until they cooled enough to touch and peeled them. It took a bit but it totally worked!!
      The farrotto sounds so good! I will have to try it!!
      As for the frosting yeah I just put it in my smaller ninja cup and blended it together. It’s still a bit looser than stuff peaks but it held up well. I dont have a mixer in this apt so i had to use my blender, but it totally worked. Today actually when I was talking about it to a client I was thinking I would try to put some vanilla protein powder in it and see if it got a little stiffer! But it’s just an idea lol, not tested yet.

  4. last question, so you didn’t bake this cake? (hence, RAW lol) did you just put it in the cups, for them to be heart shaped? ALL IT IS is carrots, walnuts, dried coconut, and ginger, nutmeg etc. ??? no sweetner? def. gonna try.

    • It’s totally raw I pressed it into the cups to get them heart shaped but also to press it together in general. I suppose you could roll them into balls as well but they would be hard to frost. But the mixture is good without the frosting too hehe.
      No added sweeteners because the dates are so sweet and so are the carrots. If you wanted honey would be good or agave nectar. A lot of the recipes I saw had it but I figured I would give it a shot without at first and I thought it was sweet enough. Lemme know how you like it!!

      Wait you didn’t mention dates. Did I not put dates in my blog post? Now I have to check lol

      • Hahahah no you totally did, I think dates was my “etc” haha.

        I’m totally gonna try it.

        ALSo -meant to tell you I’ve done the same things with the tomatillos- for salsa- ON THE STOVE like the peppers! Just don’t squeeze them too hard with tongs when you take them off cuz you could like pop them and the flame and then OOF. Hahaha. I have a ninja too, I also have a cuisinart hand mixer- perf size and goes right in the drawer, since I can’t afford/nor do I have space for a kitchen id hahaha.

        You think I could food process the carrots? I have the mini food processor(cuisinart too) and I Am GAGA over it. It’s been the best 40 beans I ever spent.

      • Ohh roasting the tomatillos sounds amazing! Ill try that! I never cooked them before that recipe so it was interesting for sure.

        I actually have a pink kitchen aid. At my parents house. I just don’t want to bring it here for lack of space. And becAuse I always have roommates. Even though my new roommate would like never use it so it would be fine.

        You could totally use a food processor. I just didn’t have one hehe. Depending on your carrots tho they might be super juicy, mine were (but they were juicing carrots) so you might have to squeeze some of the moisture out before you mix it all together because you need the mixture to get sticky from the dates to hold up. But really anything that gets the carrots little will work. My juicer made the pulp super tiny. You could probably even just do it in the ninja as well

        Besides it costing a billion dollars I won’t buy one because its one of those things I will then always feel like I have to USE and id be making all kinds of shit I never should eat. I thought about the juicer! One of my friends has the Huron you have, (we used it
        To do our cleanse) was thinking about doing that…

        UGH – you have to squeeze out the moisture from the cauliflower too when you make the “dough” to make pizza it’s SUCH a pain in the ass. Also from spinach when I make these turkey cups- and I used
        To do it in a dish towel. DISASTER. if you’re gonna bother- invest in one of those little straining bags/ like a cheese cloth but can be rinsed SUPER easy. Life changing hanaha

        Also- we just moved and have a backyard (WHO IN MANHATTAN!??-we got so lucky) and gonna get to grill so soon!! so i feel like tjays gonna be life changing- food wise. so I can’t WAIT to FIRE roast the tomatillos for salsa FOR REAL Like OVER a real flame and all smokey from charcoals. Then you put them in a bowl with a plate to steam? Does that just make it easier to peel them?? Cuz I’ve never done that and maybe need To get on board.

      • It was a Christmas present from my ex boyfriend lol. He didn’t have a choice not to get it for me haha

        Yeah anything that I need a dryer pulp I just throw into my juicer. Comes out perfect!! Get the Hurom!! I love mine!!

        Martha Stewart told me to do that and it worked amazing it was super easy to peel them that way. I never tried it any other way. Tho. But I figure Martha is the queen. She knows her shit

        So jealous about the backyard! I’m coming over lol!!

      • What Martha says: GOES!!! Done and done. Well, Martha and bobby flay.i modify everything he does to
        It friendly for my fat ass, hahahah. I’m obsessed with all things brunch, I make HUGE ones all the time. (Backyard brunch COUGHCOUGH) problem then becomes the mimosa.

        If I could
        Figure out anything to make in the damn kitchen aid besides a dough or a bread or a batter, or something to use besides a pasta attachment or an ice cream maker attachment, I’d be ALL OVER IT. I am a little obSessed.
        HOWEVER: GET a mini prep cuisinart!!! I cookEVERY SINGLE night, multiple times a day on the weekends, and week nights sometimes , like last night, I’m making so many meals, dinners lunches and breakfasts for the week all at once, and it has LITERALLY cut the prep time in half. Also, I put homemade salsa on everything and it is made in UNDER a minute girl. Plus it’s so tiny, and 40 bucks!

        Juicer: I REALLY REALLY want one but I’m trying to justify it. I think with the summer coming, I’m gonna want juice everyday, so I’m REALLY gonna try to get one- but they are effing 400 bucks!!!! !!?!?!!!!!!! 😩

      • My Friend got mine for 250 at Costco!! See if they have them even if you have to pay the member ship fee to buy it it’s still worth it. And I think it’s 350
        On amazon. It’s totally worth it tho I make all my nut milks in it too!

      • UGH! Yo- GET THIS: one of
        My friends ordered hers originally on amazon- and it turns out,
        That those 3rd party sellers are FAKES!!!! I mentioned to her I was gonna get one and was talking about prices- and she was
        Like NOOOOOOOO-
        It came in some BUNK ass box, was missing pieces, and amazon was like OH WELL we can’t take responsibility for it. And she paid like 350 for it! It took like 6 months and all this legal claim nonsense but they got their money back and ordered one FROM hurom or whatever.

        You think Costco still has them?!? AHHHHH

      • Give em a call. It’s worth a shot its been a few months but you never know!

      • Thanks-so gonna do that.

        This has been totally entertaining, and kept me from snacking while I work late since i couldn’t go to Zumba. hahahah
        DON’T JUDGE ME. Yes I Zumba now, only because that shit burns 700-750 and UP calories(heart rate monitor) and you sweat like a beast.

      • Nice I tried to Zumba but I never looked like such a white girl in my life lol. Embarrassing!

      • Hahahahahah- allllll the white girls look ABSURD, it’s really funny- but at a certain point nobody looks at anybody because you are trying not to lose a lung or black out. It’s so hard! It NEVER stops!!!

      • Ps, the almond milk we made
        In it for the cleanse was BOMBBBBBBB – can’t even compare to store ones! (A lot of work tho- but sooooworth it)

      • I don’t think it’s too much work. I have it down pat. I’m actually going to do a post about it when I make my next batch probably moday. hehe I love it. I can’t drink the boxed stuff anymore at all

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