Chantal’s Skating Birthday Party

If you haven’t noticed by now, I like having little random adventures.  Skydiving, snowboarding, snow tubing you name it, I probably will want to do it… well except camping, never say camping lol.

Last night was the owner of my salon, Chantal’s birthday so we had to do something super fun to celebrate it of course.  In the past few weeks a couple of my clients had been talking about a skating night that happens on Wednesday nights in Bed-Stuy called Crazy Legs Skate Club.  With all that skating talk it totally got in our heads and we hadddddd to do it.  We looked up Crazy Legs but the downfall was it wasn’t a real skating rink.  None of us had skated in a long time and since that night was in a gym you kind of had to have some skills.  No walls to slam into made me wonder how I was going to stop myself lol.  I know skates have stoppers on the toes but I just never feel like I won’t fall when I use it so I usually just hit the wall haha. This lead Chantal to search the internet and we found Hot Skates in Long Island.  Chantal’s boyfriend Chris rented a huge 8 person van which we jammed 10 people in and headed out of the city.

These skates never change

These skates never change

When I was a kid I took skating lessons briefly, but like I have said a million times before I am a chronic quitter, so I quit that too.  I never was bad, but I can’t say I was ever good either.  I can certainly stay upright and get some good speed going but I still can’t skate backwards and I’m not going to lie, I was a little jealous of those dancing couples, it looked so fun to do all those spins and dips!

me, Mary, Chantal, Shelby, Tom, and Fleury Rose

me, Mary, Chantal, Shelby, Tom, and Fleury Rose


The rink was just like I remembered as a kid

I wish we could have gotten some more pictures but apparently texting or taking pictures with your iPhone is illegal in the skating rink too so I got yelled at.

It was seriously super fun, and I kind of want to go again!  I’m hoping maybe one day I can drag Jake out and see his moves hehe. Plus its good exercise! It put me almost 4,000 steps into my daily goal for Sunday on my fitbit (the hours were 10-3 and my fitbit restarts at midnight)  So who wants to go with me next time??






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2 responses to “Chantal’s Skating Birthday Party

  1. Lynn

    I do i do want to come 🙂 I would do better on skates but my balance would be funny

  2. I haven’t been skating in years! How fun! Kevin tried to throw my skates out when we moved but I couldn’t part with them 🙂

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