Snow Tubing, Blog Anniversary and Kittie Tattoos

Since I was absolutely terrible at snowboarding when I went last month Jason, his girlfriend, and I decided to go snow tubing on Monday.  After all I spent all that money on my snow clothes so I needed to use them at least another time before winter ends, or at least until all the ski places decide to stop making snow hehe.  We went to this small mountain called Campgaw in NJ.  One of the highlights of driving there was that we drove through the town that the Real Housewives of NJ live in, yes I love that show, so much drama that I am not involved in which is the best kind!

We got there and put on our snow clothes and headed over to the snow tubing area, it was kind of funny because you could tell the snow was melting quickly there was snow where people were skiing and snowboarding, then a strip of green grass then snow where the snow tubing was and even where the little rope lift that pulled us up the hill was, were spots that were just wet muddy grass that we were going over and they had to close off the two lanes on either end.  It stinks I got into the winter stuff so late in the season!  But it was still fun regardless.  Jason is awesome because he trusted himself enough with his iPhone to try to video tape us going down the hill so I have some little videos. Shaky videos, but still something.

so fun!

so fun!

Tuesday was the One Year Anniversary of my blog!!  So crazy that I started this a year ago, I have had so many cool adventures since then and more are planned once spring happens.  So far I am signed up for two 5k’s in July and hopefully I will be able to do some longer ones as well. It’s just so many of the ones that I want to do are too close to each other or during times I am going to be out of town which stinks.  So how did I celebrate my year blog anniversary you ask?  By getting a tattoo of my cat on my thigh!  Well really it wasn’t a celebratory tattoo it just kind of happened that way. So really I am celebrating by NOT going to the gym yesterday and today… well that is only because I always seem to take longer to heal so I want to give my tattoo a chance to really settle.  Tomorrow I swear I am going to go, just not get overly sweaty.  I wish I owned a pair of shorts to wear instead of tight capri’s, the only shorts I have that don’t bother it are too slutty for me to wear out, they are workout shorts but sheesh they are SHORT!  I’m sure they look good on other people, but I just don’t feel comfortable lol.

Well any way… I am sure you all want to see my tattoo so here is a picture of it just when we finished the first session



It’s my cat Angel.  I love her no matter how naughty she is (and trust me she’s naughty!) We still have to color in the background and the frame and do some more work on her at the edges, Leaf is going to make her look like she is glowing.  It’s hard to tell now but her feet are hanging out because she has extra toes so I wanted to have that in the tattoo.  I also asked to have her “bitch face” expression because I think she has the funniest attitude ever, she just doesn’t care about anything unless you bother her.  Let me tell you that getting a portrait tattoo is no joke!  I have sat for hours and hours before with no problem, this one took 3 hours so far and I was DONE.  I was really hoping to finish the whole thing in one shot, but I am glad we are splitting it into two parts, going back and forth and back and forth makes for a really sore leg! But it really does look EXACTLY like her so it is worth it for sure!  I got it done at Gnostic Tattoo in Bushwick Brooklyn, its actually in the same building as my salon so it was super convenient!  They are so nice so I definitely recommend them and trust me I never recommend any one other than my favorite artist Jackie Brown at Body Graphics in NJ she has done pretty much everything else I have!

Any way, that’s all I have for now, it is intermittently snowing right now which i bumming me out, I just want spring to happen like right now!


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