Gym buddies and a Dinner Date

Today my good friend Bianca Alexis came by after she was done work and we had a work out day and I made dinner for us.  I am sure by now you are noticing a trend that I like to feed people, I love to cook and it is way more fun cooking for more than one person!

Bianca loves her cardio so I wanted to get lots of strength in so we concentrated on arms and back.  The gym was packed so we didn’t get to do everything in my plan but we got most of it done, plus a half hour of cardio and burned well over 700 calories.

As I have said before Bianca and I were both goth club kids so we share a lot of the same clothing choices, we both bought the same underarmour capris in our signature colors and have planned for months and months to work out together in them and take pictures.  Fast forward to today and we finally got to do it, although by now my pants fall down when I do strenuous cardio and when I bend over which makes me sad… they are my favorites!

workoutworkout2We both have good calves in our shots lol.  And this was AFTER our workout so don’t go all judge-y that our hair is out of place because it should be! We worked our butts off!

After the gym we came back to my place and that is where the magic happened.  Not that.. food!  Bianca is an omni, but she is open minded so I made an all vegan meal.  The highlight was the sriracha marinated sweet potato “fries” which were AMAZING!!!

IMG_0216I didn’t follow a recipe of course, but it was super easy!  Just chop up a few sweet potatoes into fry shapes, then throw them in a ziplock bag with a little olive oil, salt and pepper, TONS of chopped garlic, and even more sriracha and shake it up! I let them sit in the fridge while we were at the gym, I don’t know if it made a difference or not.  Then I laid them out on a baking sheet lined with parchment (easy clean-up!) and baked until they were done.  Don’t ask how long because I don’t know haha, I just cooked them till they were soft and had some burnt spots, I mean brown spots.  To dip them in (and because you can never have enough sriracha!) I mixed sriracha with some roasted garlic veganaise.

I also went for my other staples, sautéed kale with garlic and lemon and mixed vegetables (red, green and yellow pepper, zucchini, red onion, and cherry tomatoes grilled on my George Forman grill.  And of course on the side I had to make a fresh juice so I ran some watermelon and mint through my juicer!

IMG_0223rtNo meal would be complete without desert so Bianca stopped at Dean and Deluca and got us each a cute tiny chocolate.  It literally tasted like christmas… dark chocolate with caramel, cinnamon, and cloves, yum!

IMG_0242rtPs. Notice my photos getting better?  I built this little light box today out of cardboard, poster board, tissue paper, and tape lol…


But who cares what it is made of, it really made a difference!  The other difference… I didn’t take the photos, Bianca did… she is more handy with the digital camera than I am not to mention I am a little out of practice (meaning a lot, its been years since I have picked up a SLR)

Today was an awesome day, bummer it is pouring now, and I have to clean up my cooking mess, the worst part of cooking.

So thanks to Bianca for coming out to Brooklyn to visit me, and taking the photos, and helping me with photoshop, and my lightbox and the chocolate!!!








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