This was supposed to get easier?

So maybe you have noticed that recently my blog posts have been kind of different.  I don’t want you to think that I am losing focus because I am not.  Its just that well, things are harder.  In the beginning of this blog I was in the early stages of my weight-loss.  That was easy, pounds were flying off left and right, my workouts results were improving and showing so much faster… and now here I am a year in.  I wouldn’t say that I am struggling because I am not, things are just different.  That first 30 pounds were easy (even though I wouldn’t have said that then!) I didn’t have to work so hard to see results and now i do.

It might seem like I am slacking now.  When I first started this whole thing I was an avid user of myfitnesspal.  While the app is awesome and helpful it really made me crazy.  I would spend so much time entering everything it drove me nuts and at the end of the day as long as I eat healthy my calorie consumption wasn’t an issue.  I never struggled keeping a balance or keeping myself at a calorie deficit, after all I eat a plant based diet and keep my plates colorful so it is naturally pretty easy.
Also now my focus is a little different.  In the beginning I just wanted to lose weight and be a smaller dress size, now I am focusing more on my strength and toning.  Before I did tons of cardio so the pounds were flying off, now with the strength training sometimes the scale goes the wrong way, but I am still seeing differences in my body which is good but they are smaller.  I used to want to just wear a single digit dress size but now I want a good butt, strong legs, and strong arms.  I guess everyone wants a good butt, but you know what I mean hehe.

So what does this all mean, my “wow look how much weight I lost” posts are less, and now I am opening myself up to the different sides of this journey.  I am having fun with the his plate/her plate posts and you will probably see more of that especially now since it is still winter.  Plus food is an important part of this whole thing anyway.  If you don’t eat right you won’t be successful, your food plays an important roll in your workouts and your body.
This spring and summer I have my races planned out and am planning on doing more outdoor things which will be more exciting and focus more on fitness and “my fit decision”.  But lets face it, its cold now, there was a little snow, a lot of wind and its tough to get out there. (stop thinking those are excuses!)  I always say that I hate summer because its too hot and I like winter better.  But I guess now that I changed my life around I also changed that.  I am bored and I can’t wait until spring so I can start doing fun things again and start having more adventures.


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  1. That is what I did. Change diet and fitness to lose weight, then adjust those changes to maintain weight and increase fitness. The weight loss at that point is ancillary. It will still come off but if all you focus on is the weight at that point, you will go nuts. Feeling good is the goal once the initial weight comes off. It becomes easier to work out but it can be harder to maintain the dietary changes. All the literature and experts will tell you that you need to do this or that to keep the weight off but they are often wrong. You have to do what feels right for you. If the dietary changes are too extreme and do not result in a workable change, you will not keep it up. That commercial where the guy is eating a bacon cheeseburger while stretching exemplifies the point. I have done some of these extreme diets or just working out as a means to weight loss. They all work initially but the weight comes back because it is not true change. Change comes in one of 2 ways: attitude then behavior or behavior then attitude. Behavior then attitude can be difficult if you do not see adequate change because then attitude does not change. Attitude first can be easier because you are better prepared for what to expect. Getting the information and having motivation then making the decision (all steps to changing attitude) are truly the necessary steps to real lasting change.
    (I just realized I am lecturing you. Sorry. I will l stop now. You probably already know all this.)

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