I Tried to Snowboard…

I know last summer I posted about bathing suits and how they can make you feel not that great… I guess that was before I thought I was going to go snowboarding. Has anyone tried on snowboarding clothes? Not flattering at all! But they kept me warm and dry so I guess I will take it.


Sunday my friend Jason and I went snowboarding, you might remember Jason from my skydiving post.  He seems to be the friend that invites me to do the crazy stuff.  He had been talking about going snowboarding for a few winters now but I never bought the outfit so I never went, finally this year I decided to do it.  It was a huge splurge even though I got everything on a major discount, but I was literally starting from scratch from base layers, to pants, jacket, even a beanie… I never owned a beanie!

We got on the bus at 6am in from of Paragon in Union Square which took us to Windham mountain.  Jason is a jump into things kind of guy so he never took a lesson he just kind of did it, I on the other hand was a bit more cautious and decided to take a class and I am kind of glad I did.  I know everyone says that snowboarding is harder than it looks, well it is.  I probably actually snowboarded for only a few minutes the rest of the time I was falling down, getting up, or trying to attach or un-attach myself from my board.  I have to admit towards the middle of the day I hated it and I even posted on Facebook that I quit.  It wasn’t so much that I wasn’t getting it that was making me not have fun it was just the fact that I didn’t see me ever getting it lol.

But I guess a break in the middle was what I needed because after about an hour of relaxing I went back at it and got a little better… and when I mean a little better I mean VERY little.


snowboardingHaving both feet tied down to a board is so hard!  I just wanted it to be like skateboarding where I had a foot to stop me, or push me or something, but it is nothing like skateboarding lol.  So the question is, Will I do it again?  Maybe… but I think next trip we are going snow tubing instead!  Which seems so much more fun, since I don’t need to learn how to do it hehe.

Here is a short little video that Jason got of me, I told you I wasn’t good!


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  1. Lynn

    I was impressed 🙂

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