His Plate / Her Plate #1

I am sure we have all figured out by now that I am a vegetarian.  I eat dairy, but I avoid eggs and I really only eat cheese and frozen yogurt.  I typically use almond milk or cashew milk for anything that I need milk for, like my Vega One shakes.  Jake on the other hand eats meat… a lot of meat.

Lately I have been feeling a little lost of what to make for us.  I like to make meals that are the same that satisfy both of us so it at least feel like we are eating a meal together.  I don’t mind making two separate proteins as long as they kind of work together.  Tacos are easy I just make him ground turkey and I use black beans for me and they have been our go to meal but I have been wanting to branch out.  So I turned to the internet figuring I would find a few blogs about a vegetarian/omni couple and what they ate.  Surprisingly only a few showed up and they all seemed to be abandoned or just listed the obvious, pizza – pasta- and chili… duh those are easy.

I posted on Facebook asking for suggestions and people had a lot of good ideas but a lot of it wasn’t very healthy so I started brainstorming myself.  Also a lot of the suggestions were for one meal that was meatless which won’t really work, while Jake is open-minded to my food a lot of it doesn’t interest him taste wise, and it doesn’t have the amount of protein that he needs.  I make Jake chicken a lot, or actually a lot of times he actually cooks it so I don’t ruin it, but chicken is always the go to protein so last night I figured I would surprise him and make him steak.

So you are probably wondering what I made….

Kebobs grilled on my George Forman grill!


My Plate : Vegan Field Roast sausage in smoked apple sage.  I love these things because they are soy free!

His Plate : Marinated Sirloin cubes.

Both Plates: Bell Peppers, cherry tomatoes, red onion, and zucchini in the kebabs, with quinoa, and roasted sweet potatoes that i seasoned with garlic, adobo, and cayenne pepper on the side.

I’m not going to break down the entire calorie count for mine but the sausage is 240 calories, and I had a half cup of of quinoa which is 111 calories.  I didn’t season or put oil on the kebabs and the sweet potatoes only have a few tablespoons of olive oil on the entire batch that I made (which was more than is shown).  I’d say the sweet potatoes were probably around 150 calories max, so my dinner was about 500 calories which isn’t too bad.

It was a pretty good meal, and it was nice to have something a little different than what we usually have.

So now this is a new challenge to myself, figuring out new healthy meals that we can eat together, now to start planning the next meal!


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  1. Gwen Welker

    sounds good to me!!

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