New Year, New Kitchen Gadget… My New Juicer

If you have been reading my blog for a while you might remember in September I completed a 3 day juice cleanse using Blue Print Juices (read my post here).  I really liked it, well actually, the green juice was really hard for me to get down, but I did like how I felt when I completed it.  A couple of weeks ago Fresh Direct had their juices on sale again and I was thinking about doing it for a second time, the problem is it would cost over $150 bucks, and honestly that’s a little crazy.  For the convenience factor it is totally worth the money.  You don’t need to own a juicer, you don’t need to go to the store to buy the produce, basically everything is done for you.  For people with inconsistent schedules or super busy people this is probably worth it to them.  For me, I just couldn’t drop that kind of money again and would rather spend it on a juicer.

I have to admit my mother passed down her distaste for having appliances on the counter, so I used to not want to own anything that had to be out and look ugly (or as Alton Brown says, a uni-tasker).  When I was a kid my dad used to be a coffee drinker, but every morning after he was done making his coffee my mom would clean it, put it back in the box and put it back under the counter.  She has since lightened up on that and the Keurig that I bought my dad a couple years ago is on display daily.  When I first moved into my apartment I used to only own a toaster oven, and a blender that I hid under my sink.  Then I bought my Ninja blender which I am obsessed with and use on pretty much a daily basis, now that is out.

So back the the juicer.  When I was considering the BluePrint cleanse again I messaged my friend Susan Shek asking her for a juicer recommendation.  She always posts awesome instagram photos of natural vegan food that she makes, and I figured would be the best one to ask.  And of course I was right.  She pointed me to the Hurom slow juicer.  You can get it on Amazon but it is expensive.  When I saw how much it was, I decided that I was going to wait, but then a few days later when Susan was at Costco, they had the exact juicer for $100 less!    So now I have a juicer lol

So why a slow juicer?  Centrifugal juicers operate at super high speeds to make the juice but a slow juicer works at 80rpm’s which not only means it is super quiet but most importantly doesn’t produce any heat to damage the nutrients in the juices.  A slow juicer works kind of like a mortar and pestle.  It has a screw like auger that masticates, and presses the food which gives you more juice and less pulp, more nutrients and all the live enzymes.


First juice! apple, carrot, ginger


green juice to go. Kale, spinach, romaine, granny smith apple, cucumber, celery, ginger.


Cherry, peach, lime


Grapefruit, cantaloupe, apple, lime, ginger

I haven’t done a juice cleanse yet right now I am experimenting with different combinations, of fruits and vegetables then maybe in a couple of weeks I am going to start another juice cleanse. Also, now that it only costs me the price of the produce I can afford to go longer than 3 days if I can do it.  I also want to figure out how to make the cashew milk that is the last juice in the blueprint cleanse.  It was so good, it tasted like ice cream!  I found this blog  that posted her take on it, but it seems like she uses vanilla extract and I want to use real vanilla, so it will probably take some experimenting.

Now that I have the juicer, on the way home from the gym I stop at the produce stand around the corner and pick up what i need to make my juices.  I am shocked how cheap it is and its super fast.  Its only been a week, but I have used it twice a day since I got it and I plan on sticking to at least that.

Do any of you own a juicer?  Any recipes to share?



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5 responses to “New Year, New Kitchen Gadget… My New Juicer

  1. What cleanse program did you complete from Blue Print Cleanse? What one are you considering doing next? The cashew milk IS amazing and I thought it tasted like ice cream as well! I wanted to freeze it and eat it for every meal!

  2. I did the easiest one, I think it was the renovation cleanse… I knew I wasn’t ready for that many green juices lol. I had the hardest time getting them down, but mine I have no issue whats so ever… maybe because mine are fresh, I dunno. My next one I am going make my own juices, but take inspiration from that same cleanse. But I am just going to buy what is at my produce stand that day so we will see. I think a lot of the point is just the juice and giving your digestive system a break so I figure as long as the juices are balanced it shouldn’t be too bad if I stray a bit.

    freezing the cashew milk sounds amazing. I need to get my hand on a few vanilla beans so that I can try to make it myself.

  3. Lynn

    you throw me under the bus again!!! 🙂 did not know that I passed that trait on………………

    Love Mom 🙂

  4. I juice, I really like it. I do a breakfast juice with orance, strawberry, carrot, blueberry, and banana. I juice a pomegranate once. It was dangerous…I have reptiles, so I feed the pulp to the crickets and the dragon. But, there is alot of it still, do you do anything with the pulp after?

    • thats what I am trying to figure out what to do with it… I feel bad throwing it away, when it gets nicer out I am going to go to the garden down the street from me and ask if they compost and give it to them hopefully..

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