I fell off the wagon (kinda)

Happy New Year!!

Jake and my first photo of 2013

Jake and my first photo of 2013

No, I didn’t abandon my blog, and no I didn’t quit.  I just let life get in the way a little bit, but thats okay.  My last post was about the teeny kitten that I found.  I let her get in the way of my gym time because I felt bad leaving her home by herself for so long on days that I had to work.  Now that she is bigger and more independent I am back to going to the gym 6 days a week about an hour and a half each day.

8 weeks old and already a trouble maker

8 weeks old and already a trouble maker

I also let the holidays get in the way a bit, the shopping, the gift wrapping, the cooking, and spending time with mine and Jake’s family.  I mean honestly I don’t really think it got in the way, I just think it was a good time to relax and enjoy my time with people other than the stinky sweaty people at the gym.  I of course didn’t lose any weight in fact I gained a smidge back, but nothing to really be angry at myself about.  I was at about 42 pounds lost, now I am back at 40.  Still a number to be proud of for sure.  And like I have said before most of my goals with my weight-loss is to still be happy while doing it.  It is not worth losing a ton of weight if I can’t still enjoy eating things I like or have fun every once in a while so for me I am satisfied with my results.

Rainy day in Rockefeller Center in front of  the Christmas Tree

Rainy day in Rockefeller Center in front of the Christmas Tree

I know I talk about my heart rate monitor a lot on here, but really it was probably the best thing that I purchased for my weight loss.  I have the Polar FT60 and I love it.  It keeps track of all of my calories burned and time I have spent at the gym.  I only wish I bought it sooner.  Either way I logged at least 245 hours in the gym since July 9 which I think it pretty awesome.  I realized last night that I can reset that back to 0, so I did and now I can’t wait to see what I do for the entire year (well minus the first 6 days of the year, whoops!  I also want to get better about wearing the S-1 foot pod, I just wish it didn’t go through batteries so fast.  That was why i stopped wearing it in the first place, I would always get to the gym, go to turn it on and it would be dead.  The one thing that I did change about my HRM is I upgraded (at least to me) to a different transmitter.  I bought the T31 coded transmitter and it makes wearing the monitor so much more comfortable.  This one is flat and doesn’t have anything to snap on so nothing can get undone, and it is also more comfortable when I am using machines that I rest my chest on.  I still wear the fitbit zip all day, but I really don’t use the numbers for much, I just kind of like seeing how far i walked for the day.  I don’t think the calories burned are as accurate as my heart rate monitor so I only use it as a guide.

My gym totals since I bought my heart rate monitor

My gym totals since I bought my heart rate monitor

So what else do I have planned for the new year aside from keep going?

I started looking into more runs to do.  So far I have 4 that i definitely want to do, I just wish I had someone at my fitness level to do them with.

I know my sister and I are of course doing to do the Muck Fest MS again because it was so much fun, and for a great cause.

I am also REALLY excited for The Electric Run so that I can bring out all of my old neon “cyber goth” clothes!

embarrassing but a perfect example lol

embarrassing but a perfect example lol AND no tattoos!!!

There are a few other mud runs that I am looking at, the Spartan Sprint which is 4 miles but the obstacles look pretty tough, and also the 5kFoam Fest looks amazing!  I just wish it was longer than just a 5k. The only tough thing about doing all of these is taking off all those Saturdays from work, sorry clients… don’t kill me!

So I guess the final question is did you make a new years resolution?  I didn’t, I just want to continue on the path that I have been on, for almost a year now, and I think I want to lose another 40 pounds and I should be good, maybe 50, but I think 40 is my minimum goal.  What about you guys?





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  1. Congrats Kristin!!!!!! 🙂

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