My newest “Why I missed the gym this week” excuse

Meet Calamity….

Saturday night was an interesting night after work I walked over to the pet store next to my salon because they were having a kitten adoption and I wanted to look at them. Just look, I swear.  I found an adorable one named Duke but didn’t want to take in another kitty, so I headed home.  Who would have thought that when I got home a kitten would have found me.

I walked in my door and heard a kitten crying so loud it was breaking my heart.  I kept sticking my head out the window looking for it and I couldn’t see it but it was so close sounding, so I climbed out my window onto my fire escape (in my leopard print irregular choice platform wedge boots no less!) and started to look around.  Then I saw her climbing thru leaves and junk on the second floor roof of my neighbors building.  They were home and ignoring her, how could someone do that!!??  I couldn’t get to the roof because of the railing, but lucky enough these brownstones are close together and this kitten knew I was there to save her.  She walked to the end of the roof and I reached out grabbed her by her scruff and pulled her through my railing and brought her in.

when I brought her in

She was so teeny and I had nothing to feed a kitten, and on top of it I had a hissing growling 15 year old cat angry at me.  I shut us in the bathroom and called Jake, he was heading over and we were supposed to have a date night but needless to say that go canceled.  I messaged a friend who rescues cats and she sent me a link to an emergency kitten formula recipe.  Jake and I both had to go out and search for the ingredients and a way to even get her to eat it.  I ended up having to buy an infant’s advil just to get the syringe out of it.  We fed her for the first two days with the syringe and now she is eating her formula off a plate yay!

I don’t know if you know this or not but kittens this young, (she is probably just at  or a little under 4 weeks right now) you have to help them pee and poop! Jake watched a bunch of youtube videos of how to do it and there we were rubbing wet cotton balls on its butt.  What a fun weekend lol.

She now goes in the litter box which would be awesome but she still poops on herself every time so this kitten has gotten more baths than i have at this point lol.

I took her to the vet yesterday got her de-wormed, flea stuff, FIV testing, and anything else that was expensive lol.  She weighed exactly 1 pound yesterday and they said other than the common issues of outside kittens she was healthy but said she wouldn’t have made it if I didn’t save her.

Calamity’s first cab ride

The vet also told me that kittens this age need to be held pretty much all the time.  She cries if I put her down so I have now mastered the art of doing everything with one hand.  Luckily I had off from work until today so I was able to spend all that time with her, but now I am trying to figure out what to do with her since I have to work today.  I might have to end up taking her to work and leaving her in the big carrier that I have.

So the biggest question is…

Am I keeping her?

I don’t know, I’m attached, she is attached, Jake is attached, and Lydia is attached.  What makes me nervous is Angel, she’s the queen of the house and even the vet said it will be a really rough transition, but the vet told me to keep her lol.  As of right now I am keeping her because she needs so much work.  IF I can find her a home that is as good as mine or better I will adopt her out but I want to see some credentials haha… no seriously show me your credentials.



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4 responses to “My newest “Why I missed the gym this week” excuse

  1. losing50laps

    So adorable!

  2. OMG sooo cute!! I hope you keep the kitten!!!!! I bet your other cat will adjust in time. My 16 year old has gotten use to all the different beasties I’ve acquired over the years. As long as he still has me, and the pillow to sleep on behind my head, he’s happy!

  3. She’s adorable and was lucky she found you 🙂 I think you should keep her 🙂

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