Anniversaries, Birthdays, Fitbits, and Zebra Print Gloves. oh my

It’s been a while since I have updated.  After Sandy I was booked solid in the salon and I was still working out really hard at the gym so it made me super tired, and I suppose uninspired to write.

Last week was a big week, November 11th, was Jake and my 1 year anniversary.  We celebrated it like any normal couple would, I fell asleep about 20 minutes after I got there lol.  So lame.  Without Jake helping me and inspiring me to work on myself and help me at the gym I wouldn’t be where I am today.. So I really do thank him for that.   Every influence he has had on me has been positive, so hopefully I do the same for him.

Not the most flattering picture of either of us, but its still perfect, and judging on the most clicked photos on my blog (pervs) we all know he usually looks extra cute lol.

The past two weeks my gym totals have been above and beyond.  Did I meet my mini goal of making it to my 40 pound loss by Halloween?  Nope!  What gives man.. But I did lose 1 more pound bringing me up to 38, and my muscles are getting a bit more defined I suppose.  The one thing that helps is at least fitness wise I am seeing a difference.  I can run further than ever, and I am controlling my heart rate so much better and can now run long distances for an hour (the treadmills at the gym stop after an hour lol) while maintaining my heart rate within my 3rd zone.  So yay for at least being more fit.

the week of Sandy

last week

gotta love that chipped up nail polish!

This week I also bought a few new things, you know me and my gadgets and zebra print, so when I saw this stuff I couldn’t resist!

I am really excited for these!  Since I have been doing a lot more strength training I have been noticing that I was starting to build calluses on my hands.  Thats not hot, so I started searching around for women’s workout gloves.  Jake had given me a pair but they were way to big (and red! ew!) so I didn’t want to wear them.  I stumbled upon a brand called Femme Fitale and they have a TON of really cool prints and the solid colors have swarovski crystals on them!!!  I mean were these made for me or what!

I also got a Fitbit zip! or as everyone has been calling it, my fitness tamagatchi lol.

I think this is pretty cool because unlike my heart rate monitor, which I still wear at the gym, I wear this all day.  This little teeny thing tracks my steps, distance, and calories burned for the day, which I suppose is a handy thing to know.  Its so small you can hook it on your bra, or your pants (but I don’t wear those!) and you don’t even notice that it is there.  It has a tiny usb thing that you put in your computer and every time you are close to it it syncs up the info with your computer and it also syncs with your phone with bluetooth, so fancy.  Today is my second day using it, I beat the heck out of my step goal yesterday so we will see what I do today.

Last but very much not least.  Tomorrow is my birthday!

So you might ask what does someone like me do on their birthday?  Zombie Burlesque of course!  So excited to see it tonight!  Tomorrow I plan on sleeping in, Jake plans on us going to the gym and then going to his dad’s house for lunch… I still plan on sleeping in lol.



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3 responses to “Anniversaries, Birthdays, Fitbits, and Zebra Print Gloves. oh my

  1. losing50laps

    I love my FitBit.

  2. Gwen Welker

    Happy Birthday Kristin – I don’t have your mailing address, so it saved me buying a card!! Many happy returns!! Love ya, Mimom

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