The Perfect Time to Clean Out My Closet

Tomorrow it will have been a week from Hurricane Sandy.  As I wrote in my last post I was lucky, I was not affected at all, but I have friends that still don’t have electricity or anything.  Being that I have been in an area that wasn’t really hit, and that we are all stuck here because the trains aren’t running to very many places I have been pretty much booked solid at the salon.  All week I heard stories about some of my clients’ families being stuck in an area hit hard by Sandy, with no electricity or worse.

The subway is slowly coming back together, but there is still not much gas around and there are still a lot of people in shelters and there is still a lot to clean up.  The building that my salon is in The Loom has been taking donations this weekend and has been making trips to different areas dropping off everything that people have been bringing in.  I took this opportunity to go through a lot of the clothes that don’t fit me anymore.  Originally I wanted to sell most of it, there were a lot of outfits still with tags on, and some coats that I might have worn twice at most, but given what is going on I decided that the best thing to do would be to donate it.  Most areas aren’t accepting clothing anymore because so many people have already given so much but what I was seeing on all the donation pages they were still desperately in need of plus sized clothes.

Perfect!  So today I packed up all my clothes and Jake helped me lug them all the way there since we couldn’t get a cab and I didn’t have enough gas in my scooter to drive there.  I also packed up most of Angel’s cat food (don’t worry I ordered her more) so that something could go to the shelters that are taking care of all the animals that are now homeless as well.  Angel might not have liked seeing her food go away but I am sure she would be happy to know other Kitties will have food now.  It feels good to get rid of so many of the clothes that have just been hanging around, and awesome that it will go to people that need it.

These photos on Buzzfeed are heartbreaking to see that this is happening only a few miles away from where I live.

If you want to help there are so many ways.  If you live in the area has a post linking people that are car-pooling volunteers.   You can also donate to The Salvation Army, The Red Cross, or The Humane Society.

Even Jake’s wrestling company, Warriors of Wrestling is also trying to help out.  They just had to cancel their November 10th show because of the state that Staten Island is still in, but their next show on December 1st they will be donating their proceeds to a charity benefiting Staten Island.  Even better, each wrestler in the show will be donating their pay to one of their biggest fans that lost everything.  If you were ever interested in checking out on of Jake’s wrestling matches that would be the date to do it!  The website is not updated yet for the Dec 1st show, but bookmark their page and check back soon, it will have all the information and the link to buy tickets!




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2 responses to “The Perfect Time to Clean Out My Closet

  1. losing50laps

    So unbelievable. I have donated to the Red Cross

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