Zombies! October Update Photo Fun

This past Sunday was super eventful, after I went sky diving I rushed home and got ready to go to the NY Zombie Crawl.

Since Lydia was home she offered to do a super quick shoot to track my progress and because my make up was super cool!

If you live in NYC you should definetly go to a Zombie Crawl, if not to dress up like a bloody zombie, but purely for the entertainment factor alone.  Some of the people get so into it and their costumes are amazing and they really take on the whole zombie act.  This year we started at Webster Hall then wandered over to Union Square for pictures and then onto the bar hopping.  Which we ended up skipping.  I still have not drank since New Years, and I don’t really miss it and I was super tired anyway from getting up so early.  So Jake and I headed home.

Zombie Dance!


lol…. my cat rules. this photo cracks me up every time I look at it!

I LOVE this dress, I actually wore it to one of my best friend Tina‘s Vegas Wedding a few years back when I was her maid of honor, and I wore it on the first episode of Hair Battle Spectacular when I was revealing my Christina Aguilera hair piece.

The dress totally still fits, thanks to the tie in the back, in fact it probably fits like it is supposed to now lol.  I was actually going to put blood on it since I figured I would never really wear it again, but Jake and Lydia talked me out of it.  The dress is by Hell Bunny, it’s a few years old but I am sure if you really wanted it you could find it somewhere hehe. But if you do get it the neckline will be different because I had a friend make it flow a little better with the heart cut out, it looked awesome but made the top of the heart weak and when I wore it on the show I tore it in half and we had to sew it back together lol, which is why there is now a slightly awkward seam running down the middle.

About my Zombie Make up

Last zombie crawl I used liquid latex to do all my gross skin effects, but I am sure we all remember what my face looked like for the week after.  What an annoying allergy! Liquid latex is so versatile!  But since I decided I didn’t want to put my face on the line again to be a zombie I looked into other options and stumbled upon gelatin.  Now this was a tough-y for me, I don’t like to use animal products but it was either this or latex so I went with the gelatin.  I saw a ton of recipes to make it yourself but since I didn’t want to experiment more than I already was I ordered a set from a company called Mehron.  It worked pretty awesome and it was way more comfortable than liquid latex!


I was happy with my make up over all considering that it was the first time I ever tried it, but next crawl I am totally going to take it a lot further!  I also hope that next time Jake will let me do a little more than a head wound on him hehe now that he got a taste of just how far people take it.


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