Someone Went Sky Diving

Yesterday was an amazing day, a very long day, but amazing.  I woke up at 5.30 in the morning and headed to my friend Jason’s house to head up to Sky Dive, The Ranch to go sky diving.  I always wanted to do it, and it finally happened.  It was a pretty crappy morning it was raining upstate and they called us and let us know they were moving our jump back at least an hour.  We were nervous it was going to be canceled but we took the drive anyway just in case.  We had good luck and like 15 minutes after we got there the rain cleared and we were able to start getting ready to go!

Jill, me, and Jason all dressed and ready to go

I have wanted to sky dive forever and never had the opportunity to go, so when my friend Jason asked me if I wanted to I had to take him up on the offer!

yes I wore a full face of make up to go, and yes I am happy that I wore that green eyeshadow it matched my jumpsuit so well haha.

Jason and Jill getting ready to jump!

about to jump!


with “Utah” my tandem instructor

I am so glad that I finally got to do it, and I want to do it again like now lol.  I think it could totally be something I might want to do a lot, like get certified to so I could do it myself one day hehe.  It was kind of crazy because you would think you would feel like you were falling and get like that pit in your stomach, but I didn’t.  It was almost like the wind was almost holding us up a little.  The parachute ride down was cool. I got to help steer a little bit and the view was awesome.  I wish it lasted longer!

Wanna watch me do the whole jump?  check out my video!  and ignore the unflattering shots lol

After the jump we raced home and got ready for the NYC Zombie Crawl and headed out to Webster hall and started prowling the streets with tons of other blood covered zombies.  That will have to be another post in the next few days because I got some awesome shots from there too!

I’d like to thank Bianca Alexis for editing my photos so that they didn’t look sad and dark like this…




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5 responses to “Someone Went Sky Diving

  1. OMMGGGGG!!!!! AMAZING!!! i watched the video, (i’m terrified of heights, so could NEVER) but this is INCREDIBLE TO WATCH!! also, GREEN EYESHADOW FOR THE WIN!!!

  2. Omg! What can you not do? You are my hero!


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