Apple Cider Everything, Pumpkin Picking, and the gym of course.

This week I was craving “suburb things”  at least fall suburb stuff.  Sure New York is awesome, and we can pretty much do anything and everything here with only a few exceptions.  I would say that 90% of me is a city girl but that remaining 10% does miss living in the suburbs.  My family lives in NJ and even though it is so close I have been a bad daughter and have not been home since February.  I have been busy and tired, and well lets face it, its pretty easy to get people to come to me hehe.  So since I was feeling a little homesick and Jake had off from work for Columbus Day I convinced him to go down and visit my family with me.

The main thing I wanted to do was go down to Johnson’s farm and go pumpkin picking with my nieces and get all the apple cider things that they make.  I didn’t get a pumpkin since I was going to have to drag it back to the city, but I did get some pumpkin butter and a huge caramel apple that I still haven’t eaten hehe.

my nieces Casey and Morgan


Apple Cider Slushie!!

Apple Cider Donut!

I only had one donut, it was as amazing as I remember, they are so popular that the farm is consistently making them and as fast as they put them on the rack to sell they are gone, so they are always still hot.  so good, seriously.

Last week I went to the gym all 7 days.  Sunday is normally my day off from the gym but since Jake was at my house Sunday and he had to go, I went with him. Whenever I work out with him since he does all strength training my fat burning percentage is always super high, but I think 49% is my record for sure!  I also did some incline sprints while I was waiting for Jake to tan hehe.

Monday of last week I forgot to turn off my heart rate monitor so it logged me as working out for 57 hours lol, woops.  the calorie count is still correct though because it wasn’t reading the actual sensor since it wasn’t on me for that whole time.  I burnt almost 3,700 calories!!!  Technically that is a little over a pound, but I didn’t lose anything! rawr… shouldn’t have had that donut… who am I kidding, of course I should have!  But its not helping me get to my three pound goal for the month. woops.


I know this guy mostly talks about body building but I really like a lot of his philosophies, he is also talking about burning fat in this video without losing muscle.  This goes along with what my heart rate monitor wants me to do, so I am giving it a shot, less high intensity stuff like running, and way more low intensity stuff and we will see what happens.

Guess what I am doing!


I am going SKY DIVING!!  This Sunday!! I always wanted to do it since I was a kid and my dad always told me to join the marines so I could, well I didn’t so I still haven’t done it lol.  Of course I am going to have photos, and a dvd so I will obviously post them! This Sunday is also the Halloween NY Zombie Crawl, so in order for us to be able to go we are doing the skydiving super early in the morning then running home and putting on our zombie faces! So excited!









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