My Week in Instagram, New Shoes (Again!) Plus A Mini Goal

This week I almost was going to say that it was uneventful but as I was typing it I realized it wasn’t totally boring.  Tuesday my friend Julie brought me as her guest to see a live taping of the Wendy Williams Show.  I have honestly never watched the show, I know her whole “How you doin” schtick but thats about it, but I figured what the heck, why not get up at 5.30 am to go be in an audience lol.

7.30 am in line

Apparently she always does an “Ask Wendy” segment so while we were in line the show’s pa’s were yelling at us to write down a question and turn it in on our way to to the holding area.  I had one, which was apparently a good one and they almost chose me to ask it on the show, but I think when they saw the name Kristin Jackson they were thinking a different type of person was going to show up and they looked a little shocked haha, needless to say I didn’t get picked, phew, i really didn’t want to ask a question anyway. And no I will not tell what it was haha.

After the show we went to lunch at a restaurant in Chelsea called Cafeteria.  So good!  I had been craving a good veggie burger for days and Cafeteria fit the bill completely.

Vegan Veggie Burger with Parmesan Truffle fries! heck yeah I ate those fries!!

Getting up that early in the morning you definitely get a ton done lol, after lunch since I was in the city and it was only like 1 in the afternoon, I figured I would run over to Jack Rabbit and get fitted for some new shoes.  I wanted to see if I could try a different brand because I wasn’t too sold on the cushioning on the Brook’s Adrenaline12 that I have been wearing.  Plus I pretty much tore through them already and I only got them the end of June!  But I guess going to the gym 6 days a week will do that to a shoe.  And lets face it, they were ugly!  So this time I am trying the Saucony Hurricane 14’s

First I would like to thank Saucony for making me a pretty(ish) shoe that is good for stability and comes in wide width (stupid feet).  Towards the end of wearing the Brook’s I noticed that they were getting way too wide, if I did a side lunge or something my foot would slide in them so hopefully that doesn’t happen to these.  So far I like the padding in these a lot better, and the guy who fitted me said that they are encouraging me to be more of a mid-strike runner, rather than a heal runner.  Apparently in the Brooks I run all kinds of wacky and am a mid-strike runner in my right foot and a heal runner in my left!?  Which kind of explains why I was always just getting shin splits in my left leg.   So bottom line, I am happy, I got a pair of black and pink running shoes that fit my feet correctly!  If I love them I am so going to buy another pair to last me through the summer when all the shoes go back to being ugly and white.

My next mini goal to conquer…

I just just hit the weight i was after I finished my juice cleanse, so I am up to 37 pounds lost, I would like to make it to 40 pounds by Halloween.  My weight loss has definitely slowed down so 3 pounds in less than a month is going to be tough, but I have been putting a ton of extra time into the gym.  So much that I have already reached my heart rate monitors weekly goals for everything, and I still have tomorrow to workout so I am going above a beyond and hopefully the momentum will continue.  On Wednesday we closed the salon so I took advantage and went to the gym over time

Yep that says 2 hours and 46 minutes, and yes I burned 1081 calories, I did about an hour of strength and cross training, then the arc trainer, elliptical, and treadmill!

So hopefully I can get these 3 pounds off by Halloween!  Hold me to it!  Typical goth girl, I lose weight for halloween when most girls try to lose weight for “bikini season” lol but i don’t know, I think those sexy halloween costumes are way less forgiving than some bathing suits!

The one bonus of me losing weight in my mid-section so slowly is that right now it looks like i have hips, but once that is gone straight square little me will come back. wahh wahh




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One response to “My Week in Instagram, New Shoes (Again!) Plus A Mini Goal

  1. MINI GOALS WORK THE BEST!!! i never wanted to listen, and people kept saying it, but its SO true, and you are more likely to hit them, and more likely to set new ones, because you hit the others. your 1081 calories in one day, have put me to shame, DAMN! with insane work outs like that….you should be able to clear WAY MORE than 3 pounds in a month no??? or am i missing something?!

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