Fast Food is Racist???

I live in an up and coming neighborhood.  It still has its rough patches, but all and all its pretty quiet and my street is pretty cute.  It is a pretty crazy mix of people there is everything from spanish, african americans, jewish, to the typical Brooklyn hipster.  Lately my neighborhood has been a target of “racism still exists” posters that are driving me insane.  For the past three months they have come up with a new reason why there is still racism.  Now you might be wondering, but Kristin, why are you talking about this on a fitness blog? its because this month they are talking about fast food.

This poster boggles my mind.  To say that they don’t put fast food restaurants in “white neighborhoods” is insane.  Last I checked fast food restaurants were everywhere.  There are well over 12,000 McDonalds alone in the US!  and that is only one fast food chain.  I don’t think there are enough non-white neighborhoods to hold all those MickyD’s.  Fast food isn’t just a “black person” epidemic, or a latino epidemic, it is an all person epidemic.  It is too easy and cheap to not eat it, and even though we all know how horrible it is for us we as a nation still crave it and we still buy a ton of it.  I know this is not everyone but it is a majority of our population.  If this wasn’t the case there wouldn’t be 12,000+ McDonalds in this country alone.  I just don’t think that these fast food companies care what color your skin is as long as they can feed you their artery clogging food.

If you check out this website you will see all their statistics.  I will agree with some of them, yes there are less retail shops in my neighborhood than in other neighborhoods like Williamsburg, and there aren’t as many choices with all natural food, or healthy options.  But I don’t agree that this is a conspiracy against a particular race of people.  I want to meet the people that make these ads, and ask them why they are manipulating their statistics to make it seem like instances like these are racist.  I will 100% agree that people in poorer areas are targeted, but as I have said before companies only make things that sell and only put things where they will profit the most.  If a particular demographic eats a particular type of food then why wouldn’t you place your business there.  Its obvious.  Fast food is cheap, fast food is, well, fast, and its easy.  Every race and every person likes that and that is where our problem is as a nation.  We are so used to everything coming to us with a tap of an app on our iPhones or as easy as going through a drive-through window that we have made these fast food companies so giant and prevalent everywhere.

Going back to my soda ban post all these unhealthy choices thrown in our face with lack of education to make better choices (and lack of caring), and also with such a price difference makes making the healthier choice the more expensive option.  Maybe instead of making these posters this company should invest the money into helping these causes instead of trying to stir up emotions and offering no solutions.  This website contained nothing but statistics with no ways to help, no proposal to get good food into these neighborhoods… nothing.  I Just don’t see how these ads are accomplishing anything other than nit picking and making a mountain out of a mole hill.  If you want to stir up some controversy at least offer some solutions, some education, and have a plan of action on how to fix the issue.

So what do you guys think?  Am I being insensitive? do you really think that these posters bring up valid points?  Are fast food companies racist or do you think a particular race seems to flock to certain types of food?


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