Good Gym Week, Good Food, and more on my Juice Cleanse

I have to say that even though when I posted last I said that I didn’t really notice a difference after I finished my cleanse, I think I was wrong.  Maybe I just had to give it a few days.  Even though I was fighting (hard) a cold that Jake gave to me. I didn’t get it nearly as bad as he did which i am crediting to my juice cleanse since I had so many nutrients in my system.  In addition to that my skin looked really bright this week, is that weird?  Also I definitely noticed an increase in my energy.  I woke up wide awake and ready to go to the gym every day this week instead of running really late like I had been and got to stay at the gym longer each day.

finally feeling comfy in those under armour shirts that i bought

I have to admit that I did skip the first two days of my gym week because of my cold, I was super congested and was in a nyquil coma for most of it lol.  But even though I skipped two days I still beat all my goals.  And I mean all my goals,  usually I just beat my time and calorie goals but this time I also completed all three of my heart rate zone goals.

I am surprised that this is the first time that I have ever done that, so I never knew that my heart rate monitor gives you stars when you do well, and when you do above and beyond you get a little trophy lol.  Of course today I get all those results and it tells me how good I did and then what did it do today?  Not work! grrrr, it claims that I only burned 91 calories in a full 1 hour workout.

Last week I definitely ate a little better than I have been, I ordered tons of fruits and vegetables from Fresh Direct and made a lot of different salads.  I also got to eat at a great cafe near my salon called Cafe Ghia, I might be biased, I do both owners hair.  But it is pretty awesome.  I always get the vegan scramble.  I shouldn’t be eating soy but I love this because it is hardly any tofu, it is mostly kale and sweet potatoes and the ginger-lime tofu cream is so freaking good!


Today I stopped at Old Navy to check out their coats since my coat from last year is gigantic and I stopped by their work out clothes.  They came out with some cute tops!  I like the tied bubble hem and they have a cute little triangle cut-out in the back, plus it’s pink so what is not to like!

in the meathead gym’s teeny women’s locker room! I look mean hehe

Of course I am awake right now following a trail of YouTube videos about the Ragnar Relay and I have to be up in a little over 4 hours to go see a taping of the Wendy Williams show with my friend Julie… Should be interesting.

now i really want to do the Ragnar Relay next year lol. who wants to join my team?



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3 responses to “Good Gym Week, Good Food, and more on my Juice Cleanse

  1. Deborah

    I want to join your team!

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