I did it… I finished a 3 day Juice cleanse

Lately I have been reading about juice cleansing, I had been interested in it for a while.. I mean after all I did work at Whole Foods Market for a few years, I feel like there was at least one person doing a cleanse there at all times.  Since I don’t have a juicer, or time I decided that I would do a pre-packaged cleanse.  I chose a company called Blue Print. They are a local company and their juices seemed pretty tolerable (flavor wise).  I have to admit, while I love greens as food, drinking them is really difficult for me.  Just for that fact alone I chose the “easiest” level cleanse called the Renovation Cleanse.

I did not order my cleanse through the company, I almost did because they give you support and a little e-mail before you start, but their delivery times didn’t work with when I wanted to do it and even better Fresh Direct had the single juices on sale.  The juices are the same as the cleanse however they are not labeled the same, but because of the sale instead of being $65 a day through the website I got them for $51 a day on fresh direct and they could deliver them when I was home.

The Renovation cleanse starts with a green juice, it was rough all I tasted was celery and it was so difficult to get down.  It got easier on the last day but I think no matter how many times I drink it I will have issues with it….. yuck!

The first day it took me over a half hour to drink it and it made me really nervous about the days ahead.  Once I finally got it down, I went to the gym then went home packed up all my juices for the day and headed to work.

The second juice tastes so good!  it was pineapple, apple, mint and was one of my favorites.  My third drink was unfortunately the green drink again which took me just as long, if not longer to get down – partially because i was drinking it between clients but a lot because it just tastes so gross!!

I think that the pattern that BluePrint likes to use is to switch every other juice between gross and good.  Which I guess is why it is the starter cleanse because just as I finish a gross one the next one tastes better and brings back my hope that I can actually complete the entire three day cleanse.  The 4th drink was awesome and I guess is their version of a master cleanse drink, it was a spicy lemonade sweetened with agave.  I could totally drink that one all the time, but I would be broke because they are like 8 bucks a bottle (which is the cheapest one!) lol.  Next was the beet carrot apple juice.  I’m not going to say that it is horrible, but I am not going to say that it tastes amazing either, but I just think that with the ginger in it it reminds me of the green juice and just makes me think it is more gross than it actually is, which is weird because I actually love strong ginger drinks.

Last but not least is the dessert of the cleanse, the cashew milk.

I have a hard time drinking milk-y drinks but this was really good, the vanilla and cinnamon made it for sure, but I totally would have rather had this for breakfast or in the morning right after the gym to get my protein in.

Now how did I feel?  The first day I felt hungry a couple of times but I don’t think I would have felt that way if I had been able to drink them on a more consistent schedule, which is my problem with any food while I am at work, It’s hard to work that into my schedule.  I went to a friend Anna Yvette’s birthday party in Williamsburg, and I am not going to lie it was a little hard driving through all the good food smells around Bedford Ave.  After the party I headed over to Jake’s house for the rest of the weekend.  During the night I had to pee like every hour and a half so I didn’t really have amazing sleep, too much liquid haha.

Sunday was my second day.  I started out okay.  I drank the green juice and about a half hour later I got super sick, shaky and weak.  I realized I picked the wrong weekend to do the cleanse because I (sorry guys for this info!) got my period and I think my blood sugar and iron levels got really low.  My cramps were so bad I was literally laying in Jake’s bed in tears then I took a hot shower to try to relax and it made me feel worse.  45 minutes later it was time to take the second juice and honestly almost instantly I felt better.  Not 100% but significantly better.  Another thing is, you never realize just how many food commercials are on tv until you aren’t eating any lol.  That made this a little difficult, that and watching Jake eat, even though for the most part he was considerate and didn’t really eat around me.  I still was going to the bathroom like over over and since I knew I was going to have to take the bus home from Jake’s house which even though its only about 9 miles away, it takes at least an hour and a half on a sunday night to get back to my apartment I skipped the beet juice.  I didn’t want to risk having to go to the bathroom while i was on the bus since it was a long way.  While I was on the bus I drank the cashew milk.  Once I finally got home I am not going to lie I ate an avocado with lemon juice on it.

I’m sorry!  I slightly cheated… ugh. but at least the entire thing was raw, I was just starting to feel really crappy and I didn’t want to drink the sugary beet carrot juice before I went to sleep.  Don’t kill me

Monday was my last day, I dreaded that green juice but I got them down and honestly didn’t really feel that hungry.  I wouldn’t say that I had crazy amounts of energy or anything but I didn’t feel tired.  Monday morning is my  weekly weigh-in day and according to my scale I lost 2 pounds which is kind of crazy.  I wasn’t really hungry at all, I drank most of the juices and that was it.

It’s really hard to say if I feel any different.  Like I said, I totally chose the wrong weekend to try this so its difficult to say if it really helped me or not.  Would I do it again?  Maybe, but not for a while.  I honestly feel like I could have held out and done a day or two more, even though those green juices make it difficult and maybe then I would have noticed more of a difference.  The problem is I just can’t afford to do it for all those days.  I am not going to say that this is totally over priced, because it is about 20lbs of organic fruits and vegetables a day.  Would it be cheaper to juice them all myself? absolutely.  Would I do it myself?  Probably not…  Plus since I am a cleansing noob having everything balanced and planned for me made it easy.

This morning I weighed myself again and I lost a total of three pounds which I know are most likely going to probably come back once I start to eat again, but I am going to try to keep it off with my work outs.  My stomach I guess does feel lighter and I can see that it is a good thing to give your digestive system a break, but I am not going to say that this is some miracle solution to every problem, at least not a short three day cleanse.

I know a lot of people think that juicing is a gimmick and that it doesn’t really do anything.  I think that a lot of people use it for the wrong reasons.  A lot of people will buy into the gimmick aspect of loosing weight on it.  Yes I lost 3 pounds, but I was only consuming 1100 calories of liquids for three days.  I wasn’t specifically doing this to help me loose some weight I was doing it to help my digestive system.  As you have heard me complain over and over my mid-section is where I hold all of my weight so I figured why not give it a shot.

I do think that this would be a great way to kickstart a lifestyle change.  Once you clean your body out of its toxin’s and get your hunger and cravings under control with the cleanse I think it makes you more aware of what you put in your body and helps you make better choices.  Even I noticed a difference in what I ordered from fresh direct last night, all fresh fruits and veggies to make different salads and stuff and less snack-y stuff.  I also think that this cleanse would make someone who has a bad diet notice more improvements.  My diet was mostly fruits and veggies as it was with some processed stuff scattered in there, but for someone with a diet full of alcohol and processed food I could see them feeling really good after this. Maybe in a few months I will save my pennies and do it again, only next time make sure I have nothing coming up that will work against me.



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9 responses to “I did it… I finished a 3 day Juice cleanse

  1. I’ve always thought about doing a juice cleanse but I’m always scared. I don’t think you cheated. I think you fed your body what it needed. I think I read something where you burn more calories during your time of the month.

    Congratulations on completing. Here’s another cleanse called Kaeng Raeng (http://kaengraeng.com/) where you can eat raw fruits and vegetables. It might be easier and it’s cheaper.

  2. thanks for reassuring me hehe. I just looked at that cleanse, and it had me up until it said it uses soy, I am a soy-free woman so I can’t do it.. boo.

  3. balancedpeanut

    That’s awesome! Would you like to be a guest post for my blog? Send me an email balancedpeanut@gmail.com 🙂 “Like” balanced peanut on facebook as well!

  4. alaine66

    I remember when my sister did that spicy lemonade concoction cleanse and it was horrible watching her try I do that! I have never done a cleanse…I like eating too much. But, given my stomach issues it would probably help. Good job getting through it 🙂

    • the master cleanse, yeah I could never do just the spicy lemonade. And this one is a bit different because instead of maple syrup it has agave. I really don’t see how the master cleanse can sustain you. At least this one had veggies and nut milk in the mix hehe.. It def is worth a shot if you have stomach issues for sure! do you take digestive enzymes other than yogurt?

      • alaine66

        I used to, my doctor had me taking probiotics for a while, but it didn’t help 😦 I am glad it worked out for you!

      • You should check out a product called bio-k. It does amazing things. It has over 50 billion live fresh bacteria in a teeny bottle. It’s recommended for a lot of people with digestive issues. I usually drink one once a week. It’s expensive but it can you help you rebuild your flora.

  5. alaine66

    I will look into that, thanks!

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