This made me laugh.  Because it is totally true, well at least I thought it was true until I actually thought about it.  In the beginning of this whole thing this probably would have been my goal, to run until I am toned and a healthy weight.  But now that I am into it, I am not just going to stop there.  To stop “when I don’t jiggle” will just make me jiggle again a year or so from then.  Plus I actually enjoy running, so why just stop there.

Before my goal was just to get skinny, now my goals are more fitness related and I am thinking less about weight goals.  I know I keep highlighting them here, but that is still important where I am now.  However, now instead of get skinny goals, my goal is to run a half marathon, and eventually get to a full marathon.  26 miles.  Right now I can run about 4 miles so I still have a longgggggg way to go, way past not jiggling, but I’m getting there



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3 responses to “Goals

  1. alaine66

    Small steps! A healthy lifestyle is a more important goal than skinny 🙂

  2. Haha, I definitely jiggle. I use to not jiggle and I kinda miss it. But I feel more accomplished when I workout when I’m a jiggle.

    Healthy is better than skinny.

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