The case of the incredible shrinking dress

Right before I left for LA my roommate Lydia took photos of me to celebrate my 35 pound loss.  I love the pictures, but my bangs prove why it is important to have hair and make-up on set lol. Dumb cowlicks always get in the way.  Other than that I love em!  This was also the first time I wore the new extensions that I made, which Robert hates because I wear them too messy and don’t brush them lol.  I guess Brooklyn is wearing off on me a little  which I never noticed until I walked around LA.

I love this dress.  I found it at Daffy’s in a pile of old lady dresses, it was the only one there and it fit!  And the funny thing is that it still fits, because every time I drop it off to get washed it comes back smaller and smaller, it’s kind of working out to my advantage that my laundromat shrinks some of my stuff doesn’t it.  And of course I had to highlight my Irregular Choice shoes!  This is the first time I ever wore them outside, I was kind of sad to scratch the cool bottoms up, that is the hardest thing about Irregular Choice shoes, the soles are so cool its hard to want to walk on them.









I don’t have very clear photos of me wearing the dress in the past, but for comparison here is a photo of me that Steve Prue took for me to send in when Hair Battle Spectacular contacted me to audition for the show and a photo from two years ago when I was in Vegas for my bff’s wedding. Big difference right?







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