Well I am finally 35 pounds lighter!


Well I said in my last post that I was hoping to hit 35 pounds while I was in LA but I actually hit it 2 days ago! How did I reward myself you ask? By eating a ton of tortilla chips with Jake while watching WWE Raw and Diners Drive-Ins and Dives… weird I guess, but after watching all that yummy food on the show it was all I wanted hehe.

Now I am sitting on the plane and just paid 18 bucks so that I could have internet to keep me busy. We already sat on the runway for an hour and 45 minutes waiting to take off, I read both my magazines, only have 50% battery life on my phone and ate almost all of my swedish fish so I guess it will be $18 well spent.

So I suppose you are probably wondering what I have been doing that has gotten me through my slump, it is still moving at a slower pace than I was a few months ago, but at least its moving. Lately it has been super nice out and this is when I start emerging from my hermit status where I just sit in front of my air conditioner so now I am starting to run outside and incorporating calisthenics at whatever random park I end up running by. I have been really into the app Run Keeper, but I need to play with it and see if I can pause it while I do the calisthenics. As far as what I have been doing at the park I usually do a mixture of different lunges, squats, push ups, dips, burpees, leg lifts, step ups… stuff like that. I am kind of into it, but I know this weather isn’t going to last long so I am totally taking advantage. I am also not running for distance every day. I usually only run for distance about twice a week, the other days I either use the arc trainer, or if I have been outside I have been sprinting every other block. Maybe its not the smartest idea but most of the parks that I stop in seem to be in the projects lol. But they seem to have the best outdoor space and tons of park benches for me to use. Monday when I was doing my thing this guy walked by and said “What the hell is a white girl doing exercising in the projects!” Kinda freaked me out a bit. but ehhh I’m not going to let it stop me. It was more kind of funny hehe.

After my first run outside the other week I realized the one issue with running far is where the heck to I get water from. I ended up that time buying a small bottle but then the problem was I had to carry it the rest of the way. So now I invested in a cute little waist pack called the Fuel Belt.


Not only is it awesome because it holds my water, but it has two pockets so I can bring money and my keys and it is like NEON pink!

One of my clients brought up a point that running outside during the day isn’t that healthy especially on busy roads because when you run you breathe in super heavy and breathe in all the fumes from the cars. I thought that was a good point, and had me wondering could it really be doing more harm than good? I usually try to stay off the busier roads mostly because the sidewalks are also usually busy and its a pain to weave between all the people but sometimes it can’t really be avoided when I am trying to do a certain distance. Especially since I live near so many busy roads.

I am so excited to get to LA so I can see my friends, like 5 hours left and I am there! I have no plans at all except to relax and be with my friends, and I think that is why I am so excited lol, I am not going to work (but I did bring my shears just in case I change my mind lol)

on a side note, I think I have the diet seat on my flight. Virgin America likes to be all fancy and have us order our food through the little tv’s on the seat backs but mine won’t load… such is my luck.



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7 responses to “Well I am finally 35 pounds lighter!

  1. balancedpeanut


  2. alaine66

    I have been looking at a hydration belt for my long runs that I do outside for a few weeks now, despite teasing by Scott that it looks like a fanny pack! Lol. How do like that one?

    • I like it. I did feel funny like it was a fanny pack at first, but I got over it once I was thirsty and had water on hand haha. I struggled a bit with where to wear it. I assume you are sopposed to wear it resting over your butt, but it bounced too much so I keep it more towards the back of my hip and then it is comfy and doesn’t bounce. The one thing that takes practice is getting the damn thing out while you are running, there is an elastic band that keeps the bottle in but it is super tight. This one was a good price, there are definetly probably better ones that are more expensive but I figured this was a good starter one.
      on a side note, I am super bummed because I realized once I got on my plane that I left the water bottle in my drying rack in my apt back in Brooklyn so hopefully I can make it work with a different bottle hehe

  3. Congratulations on the weight loss!

    I seriously can’t watch DD&D because I always want to eat junk. It’s the only show on food network that makes me crave food.

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