Do not feed the hair stylist….


One of the most difficult things about being a busy hairstylist is actually having time to eat. I always eat breakfast before I go to the gym and I always attempt to eat lunch before I leave for work but once I get there, who knows when the next time I will get to eat will be.

I have read all over the place that when you are tying to lose weight you should eat 6 small meals a day and blah blah blah… I get why, I get the science behind it, but the hard thing about it is actually doing it. I try to keep snacks in the salon – raw almonds, lara bars, love beet snacks.. but even with those when I am booked solid, or double booked I don’t even have time to pee let alone grab an almond or two.

This week has been particularly difficult, we are leading into the busy season, I am about to leave for my vacation, and it is almost fashion week so all my clients wanted to get in. I was double booked most of the week and each appointment was a long one. I did extensions, double processes, highlights, brazilian blowouts.. You name something to do with hair and I probably did it. The only thing that I didn’t get to do was eat, but I guess that has nothing to do with hair now does it lol.


-I got to see one of my favorite clients Gala Darling this week which was awesome.

I know that I am pretty much hindering my own success, but I am sure other hair stylists can sympathize and completely understand where I am coming from.  Even worse is when I finally get home from work after standing behind my chair for 8+ hours the last thing I want to do is stand behind a stove for another hour even though I actually do love to cook.  I try to make things on my days off that I can heat up in an instant like a big batch of quinoa, or my favorite things to keep in the freezer – cuban black bean patties (I tweak the recipe a bit to make them vegan and use daiya cheese and unsweetened applesauce instead of eggs).

I know most of you are thinking, why doesn’t she just book out a half hour so that she can eat.  Even if I do, that half hour gets used for something… either catching up from running behind, a walk in bang trim or neck trim, a consultation, or a walk in hair cut.  I remember when I was assisting the stylist that was training me, the only reason he had time to go grab something to eat was because I was there to do his blow outs lol.

With all this said I am really trying to make a consistent effort to make sure that I get my meals in and don’t run on empty.  If you’re a hairstylist or work in a similar situation how do you make it all work?

I might not have had time to eat this week, but somehow I managed to make new extensions for myself…. here is a preview and keep an eye out this week for some new pictures from my roomie/photographer extraordinaire Lydia Hudgens! We will hopefully get some shot on Tuesday which will give me something to do while I am on the plane Wednesday.



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2 responses to “Do not feed the hair stylist….

  1. Damn, I could not work like that. I get annoyed when my coworkers talk too much lol. Do you have an assistant to help you out? Next time I’m in NYC I might have to book an apt with you because my hair bores me to death and your hair always looks so fun.

    • yeah its hard, its the nature of the business… to be honest I have gotten so used to it I don’t even notice that I haven’t eaten all day which is a big part of the problem. Even when I come home from work my roommate will be like you haven’t eaten all day and I will be sitting in my room still not eating.
      We don’t have an assistant I work in a teeny salon now, with just one other stylist, the owner and occasionally we have a junior stylist that will help me out a little and sometimes the owner will wash my clients so I can take a pee break lol, but a lot of my clients come in for my blow outs so I couldn’t have anyone else do it for me hehe.

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