I Ran Outside… woah

Today it was just too nice of a day to go to the gym.  I still needed to work out, but I just did NOT want to be inside, after a miserable hot summer these cool temperate days are awesome.  So today I decided to run outside.  Sure my neighborhood isn’t the prettiest, its actually super industrial with some projects scattered throughout, but I figured what the heck lets explore.

I think the funniest thing was that since everyone on my block knows me as “the girl with the scooter” I got 3 comments from people asking me why i was running and not taking my scooter.  Geez, do I really look that lazy lol.

A while ago I downloaded an app on my iPhone called Run Keeper.  Its pretty cool because it uses the GPS on your phone to track your pace and where you went and stuff.  I never used it because I have always been running on a treadmill and the runs that I have participated in haven’t exactly been iPhone friendly.  So today I decided to give it a shot.  Well actually let me clarify, I decided to give it a shot after I already ran about 3/4 of a mile and then remembered that i had the app.  It was pretty cool because it gave me updates every 5 minutes over my music about how far I have gone and what my pace was.  I set my pace goal at a 12 minute mile and for two of the miles I beat it which I was happy about.

I ran all over, even stopped in my salon’s building for some water, but it was pretty fun, so now I think on nice cool days I am going to do this.  I know I will miss out on some strength training, but I mean its not like I am trying to be a body builder, I just want to be a healthy weight with a semi-normal shaped body, and runners seem to have that hehe.  Plus now that I am comfy running outside around people I guess this helps me with my issues when I travel.   If I can’t get to a gym, at the very least I can go run a few miles around Venice Beach or West Hollywood when I am there the first week of September 🙂

It’s still crazy to me that I even picked up running in the first place, I mean I ran a bunch when I played field hockey when I was younger, but I never really would go out for just a run, now that is all I want to do.  Funny how times change.

I also just found out that the Hell Run in NY has been postponed until 2013.  That is so disappointing!  My sister and I have been looking forward too it.  I sort of works out for the best because the night before I am going to see Morrissey with Jake, and the day after the run was the NYC Zombie crawl, but I still would have rather had the packed weekend then miss out on the run.  It looks like the Merrell Down and Dirty Run on Sept 30 will be our last chance to run another one for the season, so we will see if we can do it I suppose.


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