The Happiest 5K on Earth…. The Color Run NYC

Today I ran in my third run of the summer, The Color Run.  This one was one of the least challenging runs that I have participated in and compared to last week’s Muck Ruckus run, it was nothing lol.  So I guess I should kind of explain The Color Run.  It is a 5K run (even though it was acceptable to walk) where every kilometer that you pass you get a different colored powder thrown on you.  Everyone had to show up in white shirts so that by the end of the run you would be covered in a rainbow of different colored powder.  The route itself was kind of ehh, we just ran in a loop on cement, but the color made it interesting.

Sleepy Color Runner

So the tough thing about this run was that it started at 8am.  They sent out an e-mail a few days before advising us to go pick up our race packets on Thursday or Friday before the run because there would be a huge rush before the race.  I couldn’t because I had to work so I had to get there super early this morning, around 6.45am!!  eek.  What made it even harder was that Jake had a get together the night before so we were up pretty late.  When my alarm went off at 5.30 I didn’t think I was going to make it but I got up took a long shower, ate some oatmeal (still said “how the heck am I going to do this!), then Jake told me I was crazy and to not doubt myself and on we went….  Yes we, Jake went with me to support me which was awesome.  He could have stayed in bed but he got up and dressed and waited for me at the finish line <3.

When I was on my way there I was wondering what kind of numbers “sold-out” was going to bring.  When I was at the starting line they said that there were 10,000 people!!!  That is just insane.  They actually split us all into 10 different waves!

not that flattering of a shot, but this was me right when I finished.

I feel bad for the guy in front of me.  The blue powder stained me like crazy, my stomach and inside of my arm are still bright blue, after two showers!  I hope he had better luck than me haha.

red dust on my teeth!

my own little packet of color

I was so excited to use my foot pod to track my pace and get my exact time, but then when I got to the starting line the battery was dead! NOOOO, such a bummer.  That will teach me to check the batteries before i go to use it lol.

Me and Jake after.  He still stayed clean of course, but he decided that it looked like so much fun that he wants to do it with me again next year!  And now that it is in writing he really has to hehe.  I am not sure about my exact time but I did run the entire thing, and from what it looked like on my heart rate monitor it was about 36 minutes, maybe a little less.  I didn’t think I would have been able to run the entire thing, and originally I had set the goal to get to at least 3 of the color stations, then walk to the 4th and run the rest.  But then I got to the 3rd station and I was fine, then to the 4th and I was still fine, so I just keep going and finished.  In fact I could have kept going easily.  So now I am kind of bummed and wish it was a little longer so I could have seen how far I could have run hehe.  Originally my max at the gym was running 2.75 miles non stop and today I ran 3.1 miles and could have done more!

If you think this looks like fun there are still some other cities that are hosting them, in fact there is one in NJ on Sept 1st!  I almost wish I could have done that one because the charity they chose for it is the Multiple Sclerosis Association of America!  

After the run, Jake and I headed home ate, I took a shower and then we went back to bed.  I was so exhausted we slept until past 2!  woops.

Would I do it again? absolutely.  But it would have to be for speed, who would have thought that already a 5k is too easy for me but I am not complaining hehe



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6 responses to “The Happiest 5K on Earth…. The Color Run NYC

  1. Hahaha mud one weekend and color the next! Yay for Jake rolling outta bed and coming with you, it looked like a fun time!

    • yeah.. we were tired. but it was fun! he’s the best! plus they were giving out tons of freebees so he got a frozen blueberry greek yogurt popsicle
      the mud run was wayyyyyy more fun tho!

  2. Okay that looks like a pretty awesome run 🙂 And obviously 10000 other people agreed with us.

    • haha yeah i cannot believe how many people were there! even crazier was that the NYC one was 2 days and both days sold out in less that 24 hours! that means 20,000 people ran that run. insane.

  3. I really like your leg tattoos

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