Everyone Has a Problem Area

and mine is my stomach….


Right now I feel like I am out of proportion.  My hips are shrinking, my upper body is shrinking, and my mid section is taking forever to go.  I do crunches, and planks, and sit ups, and leg lifts, and a bunch of other things that work my abs and mid-section but its just taking ages so I am getting desperate.  Right now clothes are even harder to fit because not only am I caught between being plus size and normal size I am also small busted and have smaller hips, but my stomach makes things not sit right.  I am sure a lot of it is in my head but a lot of it is still around my middle too lol.

So I know I know I know… I have been preaching “I did everything by working out, and eating right” and not falling into any gimmicks or risking my health for a quick fix.  But along came an all natural product called SafSlim that has been shown to help minimize belly fat.


I have been reading up on it, pretty much the main ingredient is safflower oil, but its not just any regular safflower oil that you can buy in the grocery store, it is a high-linoleic safflower oil.  So what does that even do? It increases adiponection, which is a protein that helps regulate blood glucose levels and breaks down fatty acids.  It has been shown that the higher levels of adiponection that you have the less body fat you have and it also helps you produce leptin.  Leptin and adipnection together have been shown to reverse insulin resistance.  All of this is just the science behind the statistics that show that the more belly fat you have the more chance you have of developing adult-onset diabetes.  So basically taking this will not only help me hopefully attack my problem area but will also help cut my chances of diabetes later.  Sounds good right?  Sounds too good to be true?  We will see.  As I have said before I don’t want a quick fix, I want to lose all my weight properly so it will be easier to keep off later and this by no means is a quick fix.  You have to take a tablespoon before two meals everyday and it takes about 12 weeks to start seeing results.  Thats a lot of weeks.  This is also meant to be used along with a reduced calorie diet AND exercise, so you still have to work for the results.

So this is day one of week one of a lonnnngggg time.  I’m not ready to start sharing measurements here, but I am keeping a journal, and in 12 weeks I’ll post if I have really seen a noticeable difference.  I am sure you are probably also wondering what the heck it tastes like.  Trust me I was scared.  When I opened the bottle it smelled like a fruit smoothie, and when I went to measure out a tablespoon it was super thick and orange.  It was tough to try, but to be honest it actually tasted good, it definitely was thick, and i could feel the oil going down but it was palatable and would probably taste really good in a smoothie or something which it said you can do.

I am also going to try Hunger Chews, which are supposed to help reduce my cravings to snack.  This is the same kind of deal as the SafSlim, you are supposed to chew one of these twice a day before your meal.  What is the magical ingredient in these?  Saffron, yep the spice.  But not just plain saffron, these use satiereal which is derived from saffron and has been shown to help reduce your cravings.  They taste good but I don’t know if they are going to make me eat less, but then again for the most part that isn’t totally my problem but I figure I might as attack my pudge from all angles at this point hehe.  They also put the same ingredients in pill form but why would someone choose to swallow more pills over eating something that tastes like candy?  Honestly the people who would choose the pill option probably don’t have the snacking problem and wouldn’t need these in the first place haha.

So I will post my results around November 16th, that will be my 12th week.  I will probably be late though because thats my birthday weekend and a girl’s got to party!




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