I lived and laughed through Muck Ruckus 2012

Saturday of course was the 5 mile mud and obstacle race that I entered called Muck Ruckus in West Orange, NJ.  I convinced my sister to run it with me and then with less than a week before the run my cousin Sean decided to run it with us!  Muck Ruckus was a charity for multiple sclerosis which our mom has as well as Sean’s mom so it was definetly a charity that was near to our hearts.  It made me feel good that not only did i raise money, but since I got my sister and Sean involved we raised triple the amount that I would have by myself.

The day started off super early, I had to be at Penn Station and on a train heading to NJ by 8am, and our wave of the run started at 11.30.  Sean and his wife picked me up (she has an awesome blog called Welcome to Deluxville) and then we met my sister Ashley and her family.  Even my mom and dad showed up to watch us!

my dad giving us a pep talk lol

The obstacles started out immediately.  When we got to the first one Ashley, Sean, and I just thought it was a few dirt hills, then we get to the top and to our surprise they were slides into mud!  They wasted no time getting us dirty at all.

one of three

first slide down into the mud

One of the issues with the dirt hills were the rocks.  Sliding down the last one I hit a huge one that hurt so bad which Sean’s wife caught on camera lol

my cousin Sean


This obstacle was towards the end of the run, by this time we were probably at around 4 and a half miles and completed i think at least 18 other obstacles!  This one we had to jump off the platform into 6 feet of muddy water, it was a little scary at first so we hesitated, but it was pretty fun after we finally did it.

This was the second cargo net we had to climb, I wish I had a picture of the first one, it was HUGE!

This one was fun, it was a giant swing that you had to stand on and make it swing then you just had to jump off into about 4 feet of water!

the photo that was posted on the website to hype us for the run

Our actual obstacle didn’t have knots on the end!  I was at such a disadvantage because the ropes were so short, so not only did i not get to get a high enough grip but without a knot at the end i just slid right off as did my sister.

show off! lol

And crossing the finish line!  Our official time was 2 hours and 46 seconds.  I finished in 392 place out of 731!!!  Pretty awesome!

Wet and tired, but it was so much fun!  All three of us are going to do it again next year!  I have to give my sister credit for finishing as well as she did.  Not only was she not well trained for something like this, but she also had a baby in January!  And Sean signed up less than a week in advance so he didn’t get to prep much either.

I was so excited that my heart rate monitor was water proof so I could wear it for the run, this way I could track my heart rate, (I’m not going to lie, I kind of ignored it hehe) but most importantly I could see how many calories I burned during it.  I wasn’t expecting it to be over 1000 calories, but that is pretty exciting!

The one bummer was that I broke out in a rash on my hands after the race.  I have a latex allergy and i don’t really know what i touched that was covered in latex, but my hands are still all red and itchy and its Wednesday!!  Next run I am totally going to wear gloves to protect my hands just in case.

After the run my boyfriend Jake had a match in Staten Island.  Since my sister and her family were up from Philadelphia for the run they figured they would go see Jake wrestle.  The one problem was, my sister and I were covered in mud so thanks to my “black card” membership at Planet Fitness we stopped into a gym right around the corner from the venue and showered really quick.  I have to say that alone made my $20 membership worth it for the month haha.

My niece Casey and her dad Andrew modeling a lucha libre mask

Dirtbag Dan, Benjamin Quinn, and my bf Logan Black walking out to their match

And still the No Limits Champion hehe.  If you want to check out a match go to the Warriors of Wrestling site and check out when the next one is.  They are super fun (even though I am a little biased)

Now that I finished up that run, I have the Color Run 5k Sunday August 26th which I am super excited for.  It might not be muddy, but it is still dirty!  If you have never heard of it check it out, it looks awesome!  The two NYC dates sold out in less than 24 hours!!!  And now that I got my sister hooked to the mud runs, she wants to do The Hell Run in October so hopefully we get to do that one as well.



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5 responses to “I lived and laughed through Muck Ruckus 2012

  1. Sarah

    Sothe chest strap on your polar did fine? No issues? I’m not terribly worried about my watch for rugged maniac Saturday I’m more worrie about my chest strap and transmitter. But I would like to see my calorie burn for the run.

  2. the plastic wrap and stuff might mess make the signals not work. but maybe if you wrap like a half strip of duct tape thru the center just in case that would work. that way you don’t mess with the the sensors underneath and it will give you that extra sense of security. I totally think it will be fine, but for this race i was like crawling on my hands and knees thru mud and stuff like that and even some parts on my stomach so I was nervous about it popping off. Mine has only come off twice and pretty much just at that machine. but what sucks is when it does pop off it stops counting and messes up your session, so if it does pop off and you need to reset it you can’t really hit the buttons on the watch part until you are dry and clean.

    but i totally love this sensor when i do a lot of strength stuff because it is a little more rigid and is flat so its not as obvious that i have it on, and i don’t have that little bump if i am like leaning on my chest and stuff, plus its nice to have two straps since i go to the gym 6 days a week, it is nice to give the strap a day off or two to really wash it well and dry it hehe. I went polar accessory crazy, I have the S-1 foot pod, and the flowlink to put the data on my computer. Polar really saw me coming lol.

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