Where have I been

Hello from my iPad. My macbook is broken and I am stuck using the wordpress app that is semi- annoying to do a full blog update on. Hence why I have been m.i.a for a bit. That and I don’t really have much to report. I am still stuck in my plateau. I have been trapped in the 33 pound zone for a while now. However I have been gaining muscle, so I am not totally complaining.

I have been cleaning out my closet and getting rid of clothes that don’t fit, and believe you me, there is a ton of it and it is getting kind of sad to let go of some of it. I think the hardest thing about going through all of this is getting rid of a wardrobe that you grew to love. That and I don’t usually feel that cute anymore because some days I am stuck wearing a dress that doesn’t really fit anymore. It’s a great way to feel frumpy. But while I was cleaning out my closest I stumbled upon a belt that I wore constantly. so I tried it on and woah. I think it was the thing I needed to really feel like my efforts have made such a huge difference.


I can’t believe that that belt used to fit. eep.

I am still obsessed with my heart rate monitor lol, I now own pretty much every accessory that goes with in, in fact I just ordered a different sensor belt so that I could wear it at my mud race on Saturday. The one that it comes with snap on and off and as I said in a previous post it can unsnap fairly easily, so I ordered a sensor that doesn’t come off. The down side is that it has a non-user replaceable battery but from the reviews it seems like it will last a long time. And I will probably switch back and forth between the two. Use the one that snaps when I am doing mostly cardio and use the new one for when I know I am going to be doing strength.


I’m not really sure why it says incomplete training week, it says it again this week. I finished all my goals and beat them. So I’m not sure what it wants me to do different. I wish it told me a little more, but I guess mostly what i am using it for is to track my heart rate, calories burned, and mileage so it is doing perfect with that.

I bought new pants for the gym which I am excited about. They are super loud and honestly look like clothes that I would have worn back when I was clubbing. I just figured if the only club I was going to spend all my time at is a fitness club I might as well dress cute for it, right?


Under Armour slash pants, and two different colors of adidas zebra print pants. I think by now we have all figured out my love for the zebra print haha. I bought some Under Armour shirts but I am not sure if I am totally ready to wear them yet, they are so unforgiving and just show off like every body flaw that you have. Have they created work-out spanx? they should.

This will probably be the last post I make before my run. I am nervous but super excited at the same time. 5 miles is a lot. I mean I run 5 miles on the treadmill but that is way different than outside up hills, through mud, and over crazy obstacles but at least now I will have my sister and my cousin to do it with me. It should be hilarious. Even better my parents are going to try to come up to see us finish, so I should have pictures and good stories right after the event!


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