Six months of working hard

Since I have an awesome roommate that is a photographer we decided to shoot monthly progress pictures.  Last month I hit 30 pounds, this month is my 6 month anniversary of really buckeling down and working hard on losing weight and getting healthy.

This month was a tough one, I got stuck in a plateau for most of the month and no matter what I did I just wasn’t loosing anything.  So I had to bring in the big guns to start again, aside from buying my Polar FT60 heart rate monitor, I also hired a trainer to help me come up with a new routine.  I only lost two pounds this month, but at least its something, and I am definetly building up more muscle tone.

I might be crazy because I keep buying smaller versions of the same dresses that I already have.  So again, this dress is a much smaller version of a dress that I wore on the first episode of Hair Battle Spectacular.  I LOVE this dress, its super comfy and the best part is, it has hidden pockets!!!  Anything with pockets really sells itself to me.  Also I know I said before that hiring a personal trainer was going to kill my shoe budget, but I just had to sneak in one last pair of Jeffrey Campbells because they were too good to pass up. (but then I bought another pair sunday night.. shhh)

LOVE these!

this is my crazy face

and I couldn’t resist another cliche pose…

and now for the comparison, this is me in the larger dress about a year ago

You can get the dress on one of my favorite sites eshakti.  I love them because you can customize everything, give it sleeves, change the neckline, or in this case make it wayyyy shorter (its not too cute in the maxi dress form).  You can find the dress that I am wearing here.

The shoes are of course Jeffrey Campbell I bought them off Karmaloop,  I always feel like they have the best promo codes and I have a rep code that you can get 20% off lol.  Type in KristinJHair in the rep code section and you can get them for cheaper!.

Thanks to Lydia Hudgens for waking up early and taking pics of me!  It’s always easy and fun, if only I was a better model lol.

Also I am still running the the 5 mile Muck Ruckus race against Multiple Sclerosis.  I have made my goal but I would still love to raise more.  As I said before my mom has this disease and I would like to do all that I can to help find a cure.  So if you want to be one of my sponsors click on my personal page and it is super easy to donate to the cause!



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10 responses to “Six months of working hard

  1. Wow, I love your style! You look fabulous!

  2. TinaMarabito

    I love that you keep buying the same dress. My favorite photo is the last “cliche pose” 🙂

  3. You’ve been working your ass off! Well done! You look hot and fabulous, but the again you’ve always been both 😉

  4. You look amazing! It is so fantastic to find a fitness blog by someone else who is heavily tattooed. I love the photos and find your blog very inspiring. I think I am going to buy that dress as well because it is so cute and I love dresses with pockets. After seeing all your photos I totally want to raid your closet lol! Just know that on days like today when I don’t want to drag myself to the gym your blog helped motivate me to get my behind out the door.

    • aw thanks so much! I just read thru your blog, Sounds like you are on the right track. I am so glad that my blog inspires you. I see that you are in the beginning of your work out routine, it totally gets easier, 6 months ago I never would have thought that I would have loved going to the gym, and now here I am going 6 days a week and I love running! crazy.

  5. Kristin,

    Stopping in to tell you how AWESOME you are! I love watching you change and also the fact that you are doing all this ” physical changing” in a healthy way! You are fab and a wonderful inspiration to others. Keep up the good work!


    • thank you Betsey! that means a lot. I definetly want to do this all healthy that way it stays i don’t want to put all this effort in to have it all come back haha. how have you been?

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