My week in Instagram and my 6 month gym anniversary

This week marked the 6 month anniversary at the meathead gym that I go to.  Even though I started this whole journey a bit before I signed up for this gym, I didn’t start being super consistant about it until I signed up there.

In the last 6 months I have lost 32 pounds and dropped 5 dress sizes.  Pretty crazy and awesome.

I really have to give credit where it is due to my boyfriend Jake, he has helped me so much along the way and has always given me feedback on how I am doing and encouragment when I need it.  He is my own personal trainer and I don’t think I would have seen as much progress if I didn’t have his help!  We go to the gym together at least once a week, but we only just started actually training together which is even more fun so hopefully we can continue doing that as much as possible.

arm day with Jake!

arm day for me = huge fat burning day. The highest percentage I have done so far!

look who is building a tricep!!!

Jake took this picture for me when I was doing rope pushdowns (I think that is the right term haha) to prove to me that I am progressing.  He is my cheerleader for sure.

the foot pod that didn’t count my milage…. boo

I was so pumped for this foot pod to track my milage and today I went to the gym twice, ran both times and it isn’t showing up in my stats, I can’t figure out what I am doing wrong.  I have to say, while I do LOVE my Polar stuff, they really give you horrible directions, and it really takes some time to figure out how to use it all correctly.  I have read, and re-read the instructions for this foot pod and I just can’t figure out how to get it to track my milage.  Tomorrow is one of my running days so I hope that I can get it to work.

week 3 stats!

This week was a tough one, I wasn’t feeling well Tuesday-Thursday so I was pretty easy on myself on Tuesday even though I planned on working super hard because I was working out with my friend Bianca Alexis.  Then on Wednesday and Thursday I had to skip the gym.  I ended up working out with my trainer Friday and Saturday so definetly got in some good workouts, especially today.  In order to reach my calorie goal, I went to the gym, not once, but twice.  I went in the afternoon with Jake to do arms and some sprints, then after he went home I walked over to Planet Fitness to get some more cardio in since I was basicly 1 and a half work outs short for the week.

I didn’t lose any weight, but I would say being able to see my muscle is some good progress I suppose.

Tomorrow I am waking up early and doing a photoshoot with my roommate Lydia,  so I totally should be getting my beauty rest, but instead in true night owl form, I started writing this blog instead of just doing it later.  Can’t wait to post the new progress photos! so keep and eye out!


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