My heart rate monitor after a week

So today marked a new week using my heart rate monitor (HRM) and now I think I am sold on it. It took a little figuring out to maximize its effectiveness, and I have to admit that I did have a day that it went crazy and I couldn’t use it, but all in all I like it.

Today when I strapped it on before the gym I noticed a little envelope icon in the top right corner, I didn’t even know what that meant (the manual that it came with wasn’t very helpful, and I guess I could have read online the expanded manual but thats for suckers) So anyway, I selected it and it gave me my stats for the week and told me I was doing well. I thought that was pretty cool. I beat all my goals, and really if it had logged one of my work outs I would have beat it by way more. It did tell me to spend less time in zone 3 though, grr.

So I know last time I was complaining that it didn’t want me to run, so what I ended up doing was ignoring it Monday and ran, then Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday I did intervals on the arc trainer doing 1 minute at high intensity and 1 minute at low intensity for between 45 minutes- 1 hour. Friday was the day that my HRM was going crazy, and was frozen at 89 on the watch and then telling me I was going from 189 down to 100 then to a whopping 210 (wouldn’t I have died if I really got that high?) after a few minutes of struggling with it I took it off and had probably one of the best runs that I had in a while, I even took a minute off my 5K time, bringing it from 37 minutes to 36 minutes.

Sunday is my day off from the gym, and Monday Jake and I go to the muscle gym so I do straight cardio that day, so I ran again. This time I took another 30 seconds off my 5k time! Even my HRM said that my maximum performance is improving.

after my 36 minute run and 35 minute speed walk to keep down my heart rate in the proper zone.

okay okay okay, so I doubted this thing and thought it was holding me back…. but the fact that I took a minute and a half off my time in a week is pretty impressive. Did I lose any weight? originally i didn’t think I did, my normal weigh in day is saturday, but I figured today was worth a shot and I lost 2.2 pounds! Hopefully that is the end of that plateau and we can resume my normal weight loss schedule lol.

I still don’t exactly know when to end my training session. I usually wait until I drop below zone 1 and it tells me I am out of zone. Is that correct? Usually that lasts me through the walk home and the jog up the stairs to my third floor walk up apartment hehe.

Tomorrow morning I have my consultation with a trainer that I am going to be working with, I know I said a while back that I was going to be working with one, but that one was flakey and it never happened, so I moved on and found another. Hopefully this one works out.

MS Run update: I still need to raise $40 to meet my minimum goal to run the Muck Ruckus race to help raise money for the National MS Society. If you would like to sponsor me, or know anyone that would be interested please share this link. I would really appreciate it!



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2 responses to “My heart rate monitor after a week

  1. Glad you are enjoying your HRM… its fun to see those numbers, isnt it?

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