Run Amuck, Muck Ruckus, and fundraising to help cure MS.

So today I checked out the Run Amuck website and noticed that they finally posted pictures from the NY Run.  I had to go through a TON of photos to find us, but after a long search I found a few.  Sad that I couldn’t find any muddy pictures of us, but at least I now have photographic proof that I was in nature, ran through tires and climbed over a cargo net lol.

I had so much fun at this race that I had been searching the web for other mud races that I could do.  I was hoping to be able to do one called the Rebel Run but it was too soon and I just couldn’t take off from work.  Then in my search I found another one called Muck Ruckus.  Muck Ruckus is not a 5K it is actually 5 miles… same idea as Run Amuck with the mud and the obsticals, only this one is even better because it is a fundraiser for MS.  For anyone that doesn’t know me personally, this is something that is close to my heart because my mom was diagnosed with MS when I was a kid.  She is lucky so far and only needs a cane to help her walk occasionally, but also has been taking a medicine that involves getting a shot every other day for pretty much the rest of her life, but it seems to be slowing down the progression of the disease which makes it worth it.

back to the race… I signed up, now I need to raise the money.  Each runner has to raise a minimum of $100 so if any of you would like to help support my efforts you can click on this link and make a pledge.  Not only will you help me have fun and run another crazy race, but more importantly you get to help me help my mom and anyone else that is suffering with MS. is the quick link to my personal page which you can share if you know anyone else that would like to donate.


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