skinny, skinny fat, fit fat, or just fat…

photo from Equinox

I have been reading all these articles that have been coming out about being “skinny fat” which is the term used for normal weight obesity.  It is basicly saying that you should not only be concerned about your weight but the distribution of your weight of fat to muscle.  You could be super skinny but have very little muscle mass, in fact if you are a woman with over 30% body fat (25% in men) you are considered obese no matter what size jeans you fit in.

Its kind of crazy to think about… I never really noticed many people that fit that mold, until i started going more regularly to Planet Fitness.  At my “meat head” gym everyone there is super huge and muscley and fit so I had nothing to really compare things to, but at Planet Fitness there are people of all fitness abilities.  The other day when I was on my beloved arc trainer I saw first hand just how unfit skinny people really can be.

Two girls got on the arc trainers next to me, one had to be no bigger than a size 4, the other maybe a 6, obviously way skinnier than I am yet there they were huffing and puffing and struggling after only doing a few minutes on a very easy setting.  In fact they were so out of shape they got off after about 10 minutes, breathing heavy and complaining about how hard it is.  Then I look at myself, who is considered over weight and I could run circles around these girls, I do 45 minutes- an hour on the arc trainer when I am on it and by at least the last 15 minutes I am doing it at high intensity on the hardest level.

Its just kind of crazy to me, and honestly not fair at all that this happens.  Here I am working my butt off and its only coming off slowly and there they are not struggling with their size but struggling to be active. I mean really i suppose i would rather have it my way…. maybe.

So sure I want to be smaller, but definetly not like those girls.  So back to the gym.  Back to the treadmill and the arch trainer.  and back to the strength training for me.



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4 responses to “skinny, skinny fat, fit fat, or just fat…

  1. You know I never thought of it this way. I always wondered why I was a sweating mess at the gym but other girls just seemed to be not exerting themselves. I always thought it was me.

    I definitely need to remember just cause I’m bigger doesn’t mean I’m really out of shape and vice versa.

    great post lady!

  2. So true. I know many ‘skinny’ girls that are more out of shape than me.
    But no, it’s not fair… & it never will be. Some people eat crap and still look fantastic, others (like me) have to watch every little thing they put into our mouth. I guess we just have to make the best of it! WE CAN DO THIS!

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