Run Amuck Festival NYC

Yesterday I competed in my first 5K race called Run Amuck.  Its not your normal 5K race, where you just run in a park and call it a day, this 5K had obstacles and mud, so it made it seem a lot more interesting.  You could also register for the race as an individual, couple, or a team of 4 which i thought was pretty cool.  I definetly didn’t want to do it by myself so a few of my friends and I entered as two couples.

To be honest the race was nothing that I expected.  The hills were steeper, there was a lot more rocks and rough terrain than I expected, and to be honest… not that much mud.  I wanted to get dirtier.  But the course was a really pretty run, and was completly shaded which is good for me, I was so nervous I was going to get super sun burnt.

The course

That map was what I was prepared for, it seemed like there were going to be three pools of mud, and really it looked kind of flat, but i guess anything from that view will.  My partner Kirsten and I (we dubbed ourselves team mudget (due to a Kristin-ism when I tried to say midget while my shoes were getting stuck in mud lol) started the race feeling pretty good and thinking it wasn’t going to be too difficult. then we got about a quarter mile in and we reached a super steep rocky hill that we had to basicly climb up, it was pretty crazy and I don’t know how people ran up that thing, we power walked up and ran where we could.  For about the first mile there wasn’t really any obsticals other than some small spots of gummy thick mud, rocks and trees so I had to admit at the time I was a little unimpressed but was still having fun.

Then once we got about 1/3 through the obsticals started and got progressivly harder, at first they were just smaller hurdles to climb over and a little balance beam, or these little infatables to walk through.  Then we got to tires that not only did we have to run through but there were bungy cords streched all over that we had to climb through at the same time.  The hurdles got bigger and bigger and there was a bigger and wobbly balance beam over mud.  Once we got through the second mile, we hit a steep down hill rocky part of the trail, and a cold stream to run in.  Finally we hit a couple rock walls that we had to climb over which i was a little nervous about, I had actually never climbed one before, and really what was scarier (at least to me) was the other side where you only had a few little bars to use to get down.  There were even hurdles with barbed wire wrapped in it that we had to climb under, then we hit the final stretch a double sided cargo net that we had to climb over and a huge pool full of muddy water that we had to crawl on our hands and knees in.

So what was our finishing time?  an hour and 20 minutes.  Not what I had hoped for.  But we still finished it within the alotted time, and before a bunch of other people lol.  So that was all I was asking for.  But next year Team Mudget is totally going to do better!

the Mudgets all clean before the race.

Right when we finished soaked and dirty


my dirty bib

Dirty Mudgets

bye bye Mizunos

Melissa and Kristen at the final stretch!

Kristen and Melissa just after finishing

It ended up being a super fun day, I was tired, but didn’t over extend myself on it, and I lived to talk about it so I guess it was successful.  Now I can’t wait till next year’s race!



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2 responses to “Run Amuck Festival NYC

  1. Fucking awesome, nice work. You should be proud of yourself! I’ve always wanted to try one of these runs. Many of my friends have tried the vast variety of runs that exist, I just need to find the one that’s for me.

    • There are some good ones. I am probably going to do a harder mud run called the Rebel Race in July. There is one called the color run at the end of august that is awesome, every km you get covered in a different color powder.. but it sold out both days in less than 24 hours! There are also zombie runs, where you have to wear like flag football flags as your brains and make it to the safezone at the end! so fun! let me know if you ever want to do one, I am always looking for partners hehe

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