Are brains part of my diet?

This weekend was memorial day weekend, did my gym thing like normal (at least towards the end of the week) missed it on monday because the gym decided that they wanted to barbeque too and closed up early.

But the highlights of my weekend was the NY Zombie Crawl on sunday that went through Williamsburg, Brooklyn.  I went with my friend Jason who turned out to be really good at being a zombie and creeping into other peoples bubbles lol.  I of course put my face on the line and slathered liquid latex all over it even though i am allergic, trust me I am suffering now.

But at least the crawl fed my little need to get out and do something different, still want to go out and party a little eventually hehe

fresh zombie

favorite picture of jason lol

mmm little kittie brains

Monday my friend Bianca Alexis had what she was calling a “Drunch” she made vegan waffles and waffle shapped jello shots and there were even some mini lavendar honey cupcakes. I only tried a cupcake tho, i didn’t want to go nuts with the bad food, even tho I have to confess, we had chipotle after lol. But I had a bowl with brown rice, no tortilla, and no sour cream, just guacamole so it wasn’t too bad, right?

apparently it was also the weekend of the bow belt lol
Bianca, Jake, and me!

Since she lives in the finacial district and the trains are annoying down there on weekends and holidays I decided we would ride my scooter there which meant my first ride over a bridge on my little baby scooter, and with Jake on the back hehe.  It actually wasn’t that bad, just when you get to the end of the Brooklyn Bridge the road is in really bad condition so it made me a little nervous with my little tires that are so sensitive to every bump and pothole…

my cute little scooter


all in all it was a good weekend, except for the swollen red face lol, but now back to the normal grind….. tomorrow hehe



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2 responses to “Are brains part of my diet?

  1. A zombie crawl sounds amazing. And your hair and makeup are stunning. I wish I could get away with pink hair but I’m 10000% sure my boss would have a heart attack.

    • the zombie crawl is so fun, they have it twice a year here once in manhattan and once in brooklyn. Everyone goes super crazy and goes all out for them. You should see if they have it near you, even if you don’t participate it is fun to be in the area they are meeting at and zombie watch hehe.
      and thanks, I love doing zombie make-up!, and luckaly I am a hair stylist so I can get away with the fun colors hehe

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