minus 26 pounds, epic cheat days, and photoshoots.

This past week or so has been pretty good — well minus me getting a mild cold–  Not only have I dropped 5 pounds in like a week and a half, when before I loosing a steady 1 pound a week (not complaining!) but I also got to catch up with friends I haven’t seen in a while.

I am not too sure what to think about the 5 pound drop, I really wasn’t working much harder than usual.  I am happy that I am moving along and I am definetly noticing a difference, this brings me up to 26 pounds total!  A lot of my dresses are pretty loose, and some that I never even wore don’t even fit anymore.  Its kind of crazy to me that I didn’t start this sooner, I mean, I know I am working hard, but honestly… its not really that hard (right now at least)  I like the fact that I didn’t fall into any gimmick diets that promise things that will never stick because i think it makes what I have accomplished feel even better.  Everything that I have done hasn’t taken too much more effort than what I did normally before I started. I didn’t really change what I ate that much, the only difference is now I log everything and pay attention more.  And yeah I do go to the gym 5-6 days a week but only for about an hour so really its just like watching one less episode of the Real Housewives a day lol.

Today was Jake’s and my cheat day.  I have to admit at first I was really resistant to it because i didn’t want to mess up everything that I work hard for the rest of the week, but I honestly think that it is kind of what keeps me feeling like I am not struggling through this entire process.  So what did we eat today?… Mac and Cheese… the food that pretty much killed my veganism.  I’m not going to lie, I have been craving it for a while and hadn’t given in.  I think Jake was even tired of me talking about it so we planned it for today lol.  Of course we couldn’t agree on what kind we wanted, he likes velveeta and I had my heart set on good old Kraft so we bought our own boxes and made the ones we wanted.  All I have to say was, it was delicious, now back to the veggies and salad tomorrow lol.

Probably one of the best things this week was that I got to catch up with my good friend Worm Carnevale, not only is he awesome but he is also an amazing photographer (that shoots real film!!!!).  He came over Friday night and we had a pizza and wii night (okay so I cheated twice this week) and he asked me if he could shoot me on Sunday.  He shoots these 3-D photos and makes them into animated GIFS, I might be explaining that wrong. but thats what he calls them.  Check out what I mean here.  So after Jake left today I caked on some make up and clipped in my weave and we shot some stuff.  Here are some instant photos that we took after.

not super flattering but still cute none-the-less

I think one of the hardest things about my new lifestyle is that I haven’t spent much time with my friends.  I have turned into such a homebody, I haven’t even gone clubbing probably since November, and honestly I don’t really miss it so much. I kind of miss putting on the outfits and the make-up but not the actual going.  I feel bad that I haven’t seen some of my good friends in a while so I am definetly going to work on finding that happy medium of the friends/gym/bf/work ratio.

you can take the girl out of jersey, but…. jerseylicious to the extreme

I freaking love that dress, its so tacky and perfect lol but won’t fit much longer (!).  That is the outfit i wore for the shoot.  Those shoes have never touched pavement, and the dress has never seen the light of day.  I really do have a shopping problem lol but at least they got used for pictures!

So I guess the point of this post was to say that you don’t need stupid pills or some crazy diet where you omit everything you love out of your life, or any diet that dictates everything that you put in your mouth, and you don’t need to starve yourself to see results.  It might be a bit slower, but its worth it.  I ate pizza, and mac and cheese and still lost weight.  Really in the end it’s all being happy.  You’re not going to want to do it if you are miserable, and it’s not going to work if you don’t stick to it.  So you might as well find that compromise where you eat what you want but do it in a healthy way (meaning not all at once lol) that way you stay inspired to keep going.  I am more proud to say that my only help is my boyfriend, friends, and myfitnesspal, and I am not involving any pills, magic drinks, or gimmicks.  You just don’t need them, I promise.



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4 responses to “minus 26 pounds, epic cheat days, and photoshoots.

  1. thats so amesomr Kristin!!!! Im proud of you and you look fantastic!

  2. Lynn

    I’m so happy for you 🙂 enjoy your writing. can’t wait to see you!

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