Planet Fitness Brooklyn

So this week the Planet Fitness finally opened near my apartment…  Whats so great about  it?  It is as cheap as 10 bucks a month and it is huge! and new… and clean.  What’s not so great about it?  Its not a gym built for Jake so we can’t go there together, and i guess being 10 dollars a month brings in a few people that are not that great.  I am hoping that as the excitement winds down so will the crowds, after all I am sure that is part of their business plan, over-selling memberships and hoping that half of them hardly come.

So far I have gone there three times.  My first impression what not too favorable but I have to admit they just opened so it must have been hectic.  I had actually signed up for the gym in January and had been waiting since then for it to open.  It finally did while it was in Arizona so I went a few days after its grand opening.  When I got there I just wanted to sign in but the girl at the desk was not that welcoming and made me wait in the same line as the people learning about the gym and signing up.  So I seriously stood in the line for a good 30 minutes which ate away at the amount of time that i had to work out.  Once I finally got in I headed straight up to the third floor to hop on a treadmill and start going as I only had a half hour left to get anything in.  First thing I noticed was that there were a ton of machines which was awesome, but because there are so many the machines are so close together that sometimes you and the person next to you can’t hold on to the same handles at the same time.  I Think they would have been better off taking one of each machine out and given each machine an inch of so more space really.  Other than that I like it a lot.

I also found a new love for the arch trainer.  Its like an eliptical but all the issues that I had with an eliptical are gone.  I always noticed that if I am on an eliptical for too long it makes my toes feel numb.  I know that is not a feeling I should have while I am working out lol, but beause of the limited choices of cardio equipment at my old gym I would do it so I wasn’t always just doing the treadmill.  Being that I am a teeny 5’1 sometimes I have a hard time on certain brands of elipticals because my stride was too short.  That would put more stress on my knees and the sides of my calves would often hurt the next day.  The arch trainer so far as aleeved all of those issues AND added bonus, it burns more calories than a standard eliptical. win win.  Plus everyone at the gym hasn’t figured out it amazingness so they are always empty hehe.  I do wish that Planet Fitness invested in the total body arch trainer and not just the model that only works your lower body, or at least half and half… but eh what can you do.

Now that I am in a newer, bigger gym I also started on being more consistant with my strength training which I know I needed to start a long time ago, but I am just not patient enough to wait for equipment like I had to at my old gym.  I did my arms Saturday and legs today, tomorrow abs.  sexy.

I guess I keep saying old gym, but I am still a member there, I have a soft spot for those “meatheads” and Jake can work out there and honestly my favorite gym day out of all 6 days is Monday when he comes with me, so I am always going to go back there, just not every day.



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6 responses to “Planet Fitness Brooklyn

  1. Never been to a Planet Fitness. Sounds pretty cool… except for having to wait. Who has time for that??

  2. I’ve never been to Planet Fitness. I used to belong to Gold’s but I quit because my new office has a fantastic gym.

    Having a lot of equipment is pretty awesome because it sucks to wait for an elliptical. My toes get really numb too (and the arc trainer definitely helps). Have you tried the stairmaster? It kicks my butt however it doesn’t bother my toes.

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